Everyone Is Roasting LeBron After Kyrie Irving's Trade Request

Kyrie Irving, LeBron James

Everyone Is Roasting LeBron After Kyrie Irving's Trade Request

Did King James respond with this subliminal IG shot?

Published July 24, 2017

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been to three straight NBA Finals, having won one championship within that stretch. Perhaps that's what made Kyrie Irving reportedly requesting to be traded from the Cavs over the weekend such a shocker.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith said that the All-Star point guard doesn't want to be LeBron James's "little brother" or "sidekick" any more, also referencing rumored reports that the King may very well decide to leave the Land again at the end of next season. So, in other words, Irving didn't want to wait for the latter to happen and is requesting the trade now.

Well, Bron might have subliminally responded via a Snapchat post in which he's bopping his head to select lyrics from Meek Mill.

Hmm ...

Meanwhile, people are responding in true Twitter fashion, using the explosive news to roast the hell out of LeBron with these hilarious reactions.

  1. Peep how LeBron vibed out to Meek Mill's 'Heavy Heart' upon learning that Kyrie is requesting a trade from the Cavs

    Bron really feeling this new Meek Mill (via @kingjames/Story) *NSFW*

    A post shared by Bleacher Report (@bleacherreport) on

    He shook his head while Meek raps, "N****r said they with you when they really not (really not)."

  2. While that might have been a subliminal jab to Kyrie, Twitter was anything but subliminal with its reactions – none better than this 'Hit 'Em Up'-styled Kyrie diss track

    Yet another reason why the internet remains undefeated.

  3. LeBron probably called Kyrie Like ...

    King James responding to Irving's reported list of teams that he prefers to be traded to is internet gold.

  4. People also used this classic scene from 'Juice' to illustrate how LeBron must be feeling right now

    Bron's like ... "You're right. I AM crazy."

  5. Kyrie's thought process had to be like ...

    Can't front ... it makes sense.

  6. And Now LeBron's scratching for another sidekick in the Land ... even if it's for one year

    Sheesh! This is a flagrant foul.

  7. does this put the prospect of a fourth straight finals between the cavs and warriors in jeopardy? Let's get Steph Curry's take ...

    Real tears!

  8. We guess LeBron missed this part in the huddle last year

    Look at Kyrie's face!

  9. Then again, uncle Bron remains confident

    LeBron does not need Kyrie to compete for a championship!!!

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    No chill whatsoever.

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