People Are Destroying Kid Rock For Saying 'F*** Colin Kaepernick'

Colin Kaepernick, Kid Rock

People Are Destroying Kid Rock For Saying 'F*** Colin Kaepernick'

"From a guy who made his career off Black culture."

Published August 23, 2017

Kid Rock has got some damn nerve.

The country rock artist used part of his performance at the Iowa State Fair on Sunday night to declare, "Football's about to start ... you know what? F*** Colin Kaepernick." 

He definitely took offense to the former NFL QB kneeling during the national anthem all of last season. And we guess he's trying to appeal to a certain type of audience for his reported run for Senate out of Michigan.

Whatever Kid Rock's true feelings and agenda are, people aren't having him slander Kaepernick out here, and they proceeded to destroy him for it.

  1. Here's the moment that Kid Rock stopped his set to blast Kaepernick

    Oh, you're gonna learn today.

  2. People quickly returned fire at Kid Rock, backing Kaepernick

    In other words, keep Kaepernick's name out your mouth, Kid Rock.

  3. And others wanted to set the record straight on Kid Rock and Kaepernick

    For real. All #Facts.

  4. One person thoroughly read Kid Rock and hit him with this heavy dose of harsh reality

    Using Kaepernick's name to get back in the news? Not on these Kaep fans' watch.

  5. Wait ... The same kid Rock who supports the confederate flag is really trying to say Kaepernick disrespected America?

    Unreal that he would have the nerve to throw shade Kaepernick's way.

  6. and these tweets needed to be said ...

    Talk to 'em!

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