25 Black-Owned Businesses

25 black owned businesses

25 Black-Owned Businesses

Here are 25 black-owned businesses that are supporting #theculture.

Published July 14, 2016

1.NeatMeatDC Food Truck

IG: @NeatMeatDC


The owners: Nnamdi Nwaneri and Na'Im Moses, two graduates of Howard Law with a passion for food and entrepreneurship.

Where to Buy? Usually near First Street and M Street in Washington D.C. Locations are announced on Twitter.

The Business:  This food truck doesn’t just offer any sloppy joe. You can also get fancy with options like the “Stay Classy Joe” topped with a tomato-based sauce or the “El Jefe.” (Warning: the following sentence will make your mouth water.) The sandwich includes pulled spiced pork, cerveza chipotle sauce, pineapple pickled onion relish and cotija cheese.

Fun Fact: After meeting with countless D.C. food truck specialists and magnates, the foodie grads found the perfect food truck chef and social media experts in the DC area to help make their dream come true.

2. Pardon My Fro

IG: @pardonmyfro

Twitter: @pardonmyfro

The Owner: Dana Bly

Where To Buy? pardonmyfro.com

The Business: Pardon My Fro is an unapologetically black brand that sells products from umbrellas to shower curtains and fleece blankets with evocative, colorful tones.

Fun Fact: After working in the corporate world, Bly wanted to bring her designs to the digital market. Now she offers her handmade products to thousands of followers.

Where did I put my shades 😎

A photo posted by Solomon Chancellor. (@solomon_chancellor) on

3. Solomon Chancellor

IG: @Solomon_Chancellor

Twitter: @SChancellor47

The Owner: Solomon C. Brown

Where to Buy? solomonchancellor.com

The Business: Inspired by the refined fashion taste of his grandfather (also named Solomon), Solomon launched his handmade leather goods and crafts business to make every man feel excellently styled.

Fun Fact: The collection is made entirely by artisans in New Jersey with leather from the Horween Leather Company.

when you realize #oyinhandmade products are now in select grocery stores. #thehuntison

A photo posted by Oyin Honeybees (@oyinhandmade) on

4. Oyin Handmade

IG: @OyinHandmade

Twitter: @oyinhandmade

The owners: Jamyla and Pierre Bennu

Where to Buy? Oyinhandmade.com, Target, Sally Beauty Stores, Whole Foods Market

The business: Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Oyin Handmade brings joy to women, men and even babies who have a need for natural hair and skin care.

Fun Fact: Originally, Oyin products began as Jamyla’s kitchen experiment of oils and honey to care for her hair. She began to then sell her products on her husband’s website when she noticed the success. Three years later, after selling her merchandise online, Oyin landed its first deal with Whole Foods Market.

5. The Wrap Life

IG: @thewraplife

Twitter: @shopwraplife

The owner: Nnenna Stella

Where to Buy? thewrap.life

The business:  The Wrap Life sells African head wraps, handmade jewelry and personal care items. The creative company is based in Brooklyn and ships thousands of goodies to accessory lovers globally.

Fun Fact: Before her headwrap line blew up, Nnenna was a waitress in Little Rock, Arkansas. It wasn’t long before she found her niche in the headwrap business and began to use specialty fabrics and modern prints to produce masterpieces.

6. Holistic Heights

IG: @HolisticHeights

Twitter: @Nadrarae

The owner: Nadra-Rae

Where to Buy? holisticheights.com

The business: The company offers health and wellness creams, oils and services. Nadra-Rae was motivated to launch her holistic services following the September 11th attacks in 2001, which caused her and her son to develop asthma and eczema as she was pregnant while near the World Trade Center on that tragic day.

Fun Fact: The owner of Holistic Heights is the granddaughter of an indigenous healer from Grenada

7.  Lit Headphones

IG: @Litheadphones

Twitter: @Litheadphones

The owner: Lisa Campbell

Where to buy? litheadphones.com

The business: This product is literally #lit, placing LED lights on headphones and music fans who want to express their fashion sense while jamming to songs.

Fun Fact: All headphones are handmade in Miami by Lisa.

8. The Crabby Shack

Instagram: @thecrabbyshack

Twitter: @thecrabbyshack

The owners: Fifi Bell Clanton and Gwen Niles

Where to buy? Brooklyn, N.Y.

The business: Noticing that there were no crab joints in Brooklyn, the two friends partnered up to bring authentic crab cuisine to the borough. Their restaurant currently offers a complete list of crabby meals.

Fun Fact: The Crabby Shack was featured in the New York Times in June 2016.

9. Natural Clean Soaps

Instagram: @dyfusionceo

Twitter: @dyfusionceo

The owner: Edward E. Simmons

Where to buy? naturalcleansoaps.com

The business: These soaps, handmade in Atlanta, have natural vegetable oils ranging from almond honey to honey oatmeal.

Fun Fact: The business’s most popular soap is the African shea butter black soap.

10. Pish Posh Appareal

Instagram: @pish___posh

Twitter: @pish___posh

The owner: Emani

Where to buy? pishposhapparel.com

The business: Using Basquiat as a muse, the clothing shop’s art-preneur makes hand-painted apparel, most recently launching clothing with social messages such as “I hope I don’t get killed for being black today” and “Legalize Melanin” on hats. The company is progressively taking risks in the field of fashion.

Fun Fact: Pish Posh’s owner dreams of being an artistic icon and states, “I will stop at nothing until my dream is fulfilled.”

11. The True Products

IG: @thetrueproducts

Twitter: @thetrueproducts

The owners: U.S. Veterans Ali B. Muhammad, Malik Saleem and Abdur-Rahim Shaheed

Where to buy? Thetrueproducts.com

The business: Allows users to use less soap with more cleaning power.

Fun Fact: The soap the business uses is biodegradable.

12. Wood You Wear

IG: @woodyouwear

Twitter: @woodyouwear

Where to buy? woodyouwear.etsy.com

The business: Afrocentric wooden chains, bracelets and pins with colorful beads and imagery symbolizing Blackness and Black power — all handmade. Go ahead now!

Fun Fact: One of the latest pins released by the brand is shaped like the African continent and reads, “I got 99 problems but being Black ain’t one.” #Serve

13. Me and the Bees

IG: @mikailasbees

Twitter: @mikailasbees

The owner: Mikaila Ulmer

Where to buy?  meandthebees.com

The business: At 11 years of age, Mikaila is stinging the competition with her Me and the Bees Lemonade. After being stung by a bee, she became fascinated with the insects and decided to use her Great Granny Helen’s flaxseed lemonade recipe to make her own (this is starting to sound like someone we know). A percentage of the profits go to organizations that are saving the honeybees.

Fun Fact: When her sweet drinks are not being sold at Whole Foods Market and other food retailers, Mikaila dedicates her time to educating others at Save the Honeybees workshops and attending entrepreneurial workshops.

Styled by @ann.wynn featuring all @pinkplasticbabez wear

A photo posted by Aurum (@priiincessaurum) on

14. Pink Plastic

IG: @PinkPlasticBabez

Twitter: @PinkPlasticBabe

The owner: Princess Aurum

Where to buy? shoppinkplastic.com

The business: Pink Plastic is all about princess wardrobe for all sizes and finding the inner doll in you with captivating pastel pink and soft feminine tones.

Fun Fact: The clothing brand is influenced by fashion icons like Twiggy and Dior and even movies such as Clueless and Life-Size.

Up Dad's shave game this Father's Day #getbevel

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15. Bevel

IG: @Bevel

Twitter: @Bevel

The owner: Tristan Walker

Where to buy? getbevel.com

The business: Preventing razor bumps and shaving irritation is their forte. The company is bringing sexy back with a traditional single blade razor that prevents ingrown hairs.

Fun Fact: According to Bevel, the company generated a four-week study where “four out of five men reported an overall improvement in skin clarity” after using the product.

16. We Buy Black

IG: @Webuyblack

Twitter: @WeBuyBlackcom

The owner: Shareef Abdul-Malik

Where to buy? webuyblack.com

The business: This website makes a difference by helping Black businesses sell their products online, offering Black-owned products from home and living goods to toys.

Fun Fact: Shareef launched his business during his senior year at Howard University in 2014.

17. Mo’s Bows

IG: @MosBowsMemphis

Twitter: @MosBowsMemphis

The owner: Moziah Bridges

Where to buy? Mosbowsmemphis.com or these stores where Mo’s Bows are sold.

The business: Mo’s Bow’s sells vibrant, funky patterned ties for adults and children who want to step outside the norm and add personality to their swag.

Fun Fact: In 2012, Moziah began a charity called "Go Mo!" that sends Memphis children to summer camp.

18. The Honey Pot

IG: @honeypotfresh

Twitter: @honeypotfresh

Where to buy? thehoneypot.co

The business: Taking advantage of organic and vegan ingredients, the Honey Pot provides natural feminine care products for women who want to fight vaginal odor, itching and other discomforts. Vaginal immunity and health, the natural way, is this business’s priority.

Fun Fact: The Honey Pot has a 5-star rating on Etsy’s customer reviews and a 4.6-star rating on Amazon.

Tag a #cameroonian or someone from #Cameroon! Check out www.hopeforuscharity.com or the link in the bio for new releases!

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19. Hope for Us Charity

IG: @HFUcharity

Twitter: @HFUcharity

The owner: Omolola Adegoke

Where to buy? hopeforuscharity.com

The business: Hope for Us Charity Pendants are shaped like different  African countries. Proceeds support the education of Nigerian children and the healthcare system in Cameroon.

Fun Fact: This entrepreneur started her business to give back to Africa in 2010, when she was still a sophomore in high school.

For Iesha. . . #blacklivesmatter #blackwomenmatter #blackartsmatter

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20.  Veronica Marché

IG: @VeronicaMarche

Twitter: @VeroniceMarche

The Owner: Veronica Marché

Where to buy? veronicamarche.com

The business: Based in Philadelphia, Veronica’s business offers fashion-inspired live-sketching, workshops, and editorial, branding and advertising illustrations.She also offers notebooks, mugs and T-shirts featuring multicultural faces with beautiful, larger-than-life hair.

Fun Fact: Her clients include SheaMoisture, Marie Claire, Essence and Bloomingdales.

For a limited time *NEW* DOUBLE SIDED #CURLSPONGE 2.5 link in bio to order

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21. Curls Sponge

IG: @CurlsSponge

The owner: Youssef the Barber

Where to buy? curlsponge.com

The business: Curl Sponge helps men get the natural, “curly” and “twisted” look and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Products range from shampoos and holding spray to hair sponges and pomade.

Fun Fact: Youssef also owns a popular barbershop in Atlanta that serves celeb clients like Jermaine Dupri and August Alsina.

#HRDCVR 📚 | 📷: @TK2U

A photo posted by @hrdcvr on


IG: @hrdcvr

Twitter: @xHRDCVRx

The owners: Danyel Smith and Elliot Wilson

Where to buy? hrdcvr.com

The business: A collective of multimedia creatives and entrepreneurs from all over the nation who took 2015 by storm and created a one-time culture publication: HRDCVR. The group also runs the HRDCVR online brand and what they deem to be the planet’s “best-covered, most diverse” newsletter, HRDlist.

Fun Fact: Their business is a Kickstarter success story as 50% of their project was funded in four days during their second attempt to make this project come to fruition.


A photo posted by endlesscouture (@endlesscouture) on

23. Endless Couture

IG: @endlesscouture

Twitter: @endlesscouture

The Owners: Cheyenne and Bobbie

Where to buy? endlesscouture.com 

The business: Endless Couture sells handcrafted accessories. Their signature items are their daring, multi-colored jazzy earrings.

Fun Fact: Endless Couture can be found in over half a dozen boutiques in the U.S and Japan.

24. The Cultured Savage Clothing

IG: @TheCulturedSavage


Where to buy? Culturedsavage.com

The business: Printed tees and sweatshirts with messages of Black empowerment.

Fun Fact: One of Cultured Savage’s most popular shirts reads: “The Blacker the college, the sweeter the knowledge.”

25. EBO Beard Butter

IG: @YoungEdGod

Twitter: @Young_EDgod

The owner: Uncle Ed God

Where to buy? etsy.com/shop/ebobeardbutter

The business: Organic beard butter for exceptional grooming and beard care tailored to the Black man.

Fun Fact: Uncle Ed God previously sold his products under AzurSoleilOrganics but decided to branch out on his own and create his own lane.

Written by Jenisse Bouret, Follow her on Twitter @JenisseBouret

(Photos from left: Craig Barritt/Getty Images for National Retail Federation, gotpap/Bauergriffin.com, Mike Windle/Getty Images for WE Day)


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