EXCLUSIVE: Dae Jones On Her Tough Upbringing, Career Goals and Her Life "Journey"

Dae Jones sings into the microphone for BET's Imagine Room

EXCLUSIVE: Dae Jones On Her Tough Upbringing, Career Goals and Her Life "Journey"

The artist was the latest guest on BET's Imagine Room and spoke about her angel number, her daughter Journey and much more!

PUBLISHED ON : OCTOBER 14, 2019 / 06:45 PM

Written by Soraya Joseph

Artist and creative Dae Jones was the latest guest to stop by BET's Imagine Room, and was sure to set the mood in the room with her latest music.

The Chicago bred singer and rapper took to the mic to perform her singles "3:22" and "Uber Music," as well as spoke to BET Digital about the inspiration behind her music, as well as her motivation in all things life and career.

Check out the full performance, as well as five deep facts that Dae revealed about herself, below!

  1. She Believes in Angel Numbers - Hers is "3-2-2"

    Dae revealed that she believes in "Angel Numbers," which are numbers that frequently appear and reappear in view of the believer.  For Dae, her angel number is "3-2-2," and her guardian angel is her late mother.

    "At first it was freaking me out and I was freaking my friends out, because I kept talking about 'Three-twenty-two!' For example, I'd be like, 'How many miles towards something?' and their response would be '322!'"

    Dae goes on to reveal how a friend helped her realize that the numerical pattern was no earthly coincidence, but rather, it was spiritual guidance. 

    "It was on this girl's Instagram page. My friend saw it and she sent it to me. She said, 'Dae, you'll never believe what I just read, read this. Here's the link. Just read the full thing. This is why you're seeing 3-2-2.

    "I used to talk to my friends all the time about my mother. I'd say stuff like, 'You know, I just wish my mom was here.' My mom has been out of my life for a very long time.  She died 10 years ago, and before that I was kind of raised by next door neighbors, but I still had love for my mom regardless.

    As I was going on journeys, whether it was my relationships or my career, I'd ask [her] 'Why aren't you here? I'm making mistakes on my own that parents are supposed to teach you.' I always questioned that. So when I read about  322, and the angel number, it told me that's your guardian angel, and she's right by your side, guiding you on your way. Instantly, everything made sense. Even during some of my toughest decisions, I'd see 322 somewhere.

    But then I battled whether it was good or bad, whether it meant yes or no. In the beginning, I'd think, 'Okay, that's a good sign I should do it.' But let me tell you, this guy asked me to get him a phone, and we pulled up to the T mobile store, and the address was, '322,' and I was like, "Mama said it was okay." Nope! A week later, I called T-Mobile and was like, "What is your  [disconnection] policy?" (laughs)

  2. Her neighbor took her in before the age of one

    Dae, who often expresses her deep love and compassion for her late mother, revealed that she was taken in by her next door neighbor before the age of one.

    "I was born and raised in Cabrini Green projects in Chicago. They say it's bad, but if that's your hood, you learn to find the good in it, you know? There is so much good that we still remember from there," the artist said.

    She continued, "My mom left early on. My mom was young, and she was still like living her best life. I had an older sister, she lived her with her dad's family. We had different fathers and my dad was actually in jail at the time, so my neighbors, they kept me all the time. You know how the projects are, you've got a ramp and 15 apartments, and everybody is family.

    "So anytime my mom would run to the store or run errands, the neighbors would keep me. One day - and I don't think my mom did it intentionally - but she went out of town or something and didn't come back. So they kept me.

    "My mom was getting arrested a lot... so eventually the neighbors got a full custody of me. They had custody of me since the age of one."

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  3. She is in(dae)pendent and a survivor in every sense of the word

    Dae revealed that during a bittersweet Christmas trip to New York, her mother took her and sister to see the Christmas tree in Times Square, but never returned.

    "My mom started to come back around when I was around seven years old. She would come get me and my sister every year and bring us to New York. So every Christmas she would bring us here to see the Christmas tree, and we'd be in Times Square," the rapper-singer started.

    Dae later detailed how one visit to New York later turned sour, when her mother went missing for days on end. The singer explained how her and sister hid out in the hotel room, while a then 10-year-old and independent Dae managed to scramble up some change and sneak out to buy Chinese food and other snacks. The  explains there were no phones at the time, except for house phones, and they did not know a number of who to call for help. They were found a over a week later.

    "When I was 10, she actually left us in New York. We were stuck there for about a week and a half. We didn't know anything or anybody, and we were staying at like one of those hotels where you pay by the week. One day some friends came looking for her and we just told them like, 'We don't know where she is.' We didn't have clothes, we didn't have anything. And they washed up all of our clothes. They got in touch with our families and booked us flights back to Chicago. So from that time until her funeral was the next time I saw her."

    BET Digital's "The Imagine Room" featuring Dae Jones. (Photo: Jocelyn Prescod/BET)
    Photo by Jocelyn Prescod
  4. She Ran A Kids Entrepreneur Group Called 'No Limit Girls'

    Dae is no stranger to adversity, and has been a hustler since a kid.

    "I had an entire little clique of friends, and we called ourself 'No Limit Girls.' It was probably like, 20, 25 of us, and I would put together so many things with these girls. I put together talent shows, we sold candy, we had a restaurant in our friend's sister's house; she used to let us stay in the house. We'd cook food and sell it. Then to get the money, I made everybody go around the neighborhood picking up cans. We had a place behind the building that took metal cans and stuff. We would get our money, and go get our food. Our candy houses was bussing and our restaurant was bussing. We even threw juke parties and all.

    We would put notifications in front of each building that we're having a talent show and we charged at the door. I just kept busy. All my friends will attest to that when they see this interview. They'll be like, 'She's not lying.'"

  5. She is in love, love, love with her daughter

    Dae revealed that her nine-year-old daughter, Journey, gets her hustler's ambition from her mama! The singer detailed her five and ten year plans for both herself and her mini-me.

    "In the next five [to ten] years, I imagine myself being in a position to own all my masters.  I'm already  an entrepreneur so like I'm really into owning businesses and just having  something more solid to pass down to my daughter," the singer said. 

    "My daughter had her stepsister over two weeks ago. They painted acorns. They added some glitter, and they set them outside. She put freeze pops and some water outside and people in the neighborhood came and bought acorns.

    "That kid is all me. So I'm hoping to be in a position to pass something down to my daughter. Maybe have like my own label where I can sign other artists and help develop them and things like that."

    Be sure to tune into the full episode of Dae Jones' Imagine Room performance above!

    Imagine Room airs every Monday at 6pm EST, only on BET Digital!

Photos by Jocelyn Prescod for BET


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