The Glo Up | Started From The Bottom, Now They're Here

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The Glo Up | Started From The Bottom, Now They're Here

Who had the best glo up? These Social Awards nominees started from the bottom, now they're here!

Published January 22, 2018

  1. If It Don't Make Dollars It Don't Make $ense

    Before the fame and being a chart topping rapper, Lil Uzi Vert started his working career doing something a little different than rapping. One of his first jobs was that of a stock boy at a dollar store. Now, Vert is throwing dollars and making it rain on expensive cars and jewelry. The star also started out as a "SoundCloud rapper." His dedication to posting his music on SoundCloud panned out well for him as his career picked up and he's one of the hottest rappers out right now.

    Bentley Bentayga Thick Like Lilith... ๐Ÿฆ‡๐Ÿ˜ˆยฎ..2 #mansory

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  2. Would You Like Fries With That?

    We've all had those starter kit first jobs that we'd rather not talk about. For Post Malone, his starter kit included employment at a Chicken Express. According to a Buzzfeed article, the trending rapper saved up $800 of his hard earned money and cashed out on a pair of Versace loafers. Now, the rapper doesn't have to wear a uniform and can afford endless pairs of Versace loafers! He can probably buy that Chicken Express too.

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  3. Who's Had A Better Year Than Cardi?

    We can truly say Cardi B tops our chart for best glo up of 2017, better yet the century! We've all stood back and watched as Cardi navigated her way through social media and into our hearts. She's become the wild sister-friend that we never had while making a name for herself in the rap world. She also got engaged to one of Migos' frontmen, Offset. The two dominated the end of 2017 and became #relationshipgoals for a lot of people. It was only right that we placed them in the running for our Social Awards Baewatch category. Let's give it up for two people that started from the bottom and are dominating on top!

  4. The Future Of Comedy

    King Keraun has successfully built and catapulted his career by being an Instagram comedian. From the looks of his page, he's living his best life; however, it wasn't always this easy. Lucky for us, he created a video to let us know his glo up, where he came from and how he became the future of comedy. Watch below!

    The comedian also made sure to highlight his blessings below. The glo up is real!

  5. Soundcloud Prince

    Lil Pump's career didn't start off like the typical rappers you see today. The up-and-coming rapper did not even want to become a rapper, it technically just fell into his lap. Pump started out as a trouble maker in school who one day started freestyling over his friend, Smokepurpp's, beats. The two uploaded the track to SoundCloud and it quickly gained traction. From there Lil Pump released more music, which continued to gain a lot of views. Now at only 17 years old, he's one of the most trending SoundCloud rappers out!

    Pump jetski ๐Ÿฆ (btw shynee is dropping on Thursday)

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  6. The Start Of Titi

    If it weren't for his sister, Lorraine, we might have not been blessed with BlameItOnKway's female alter ego, Titi. In a birthday post dedicated to Lorraine, Kway describes how she named his character Titi and where the whole thing started! He goes on to detail how many times they would film and their excitement at seeing viewer comments. Now BlameItOnKway has grossed over 3 million followers on Instagram and is one of the most successful wig wearing comedians! Check out the birthday post that features a throwback of Titi in her prime, below!

  7. Glo In Full Effect

    Instagram comedianย Rennyย has definitely glo'd up within his career. His accolades speak for themselves but in this moment, we'd like to acknowledge his glo up from a boy into a successfulย man! In a picture the social media star posted, you can see how he looked as a teen compared to how he looks now. If the #gloupchalllenge was still trending, he'd definitely be in the running for best glo up! We see you, Renny!!

    those cheeks though.

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  8. Kash Doll

    Before features with Big Sean, Trina and more, talented rapper Kash Doll worked as an exotic dancer. When she was younger, she knew that she had to work hard to get what she wanted. She started out as a dancer but left that life behind to pursue her rap career. Not only was rapping a reason for leaving exotic dancing, she also wanted to be more of a positive role model to her younger sisters. Kash Doll has successfully created a lane for herself as a dope female rapper and continues to rise. Catch her quick interview on why she left the dance life behind below.

  9. H.E.R.

    We don't know if we can necessarily call this a "glo up" as she's been talented from such a young age, but H.E.R. is a musical genius. From about 10 years old, the star has been gifting audiences with her powerful voice and ability to play multiple instruments. She's been grinding her whole life and it's amazing to see her hard work pay off. We'll give her an honorary glo up because this sis has already been glowing since the birth!

    Thank you for this @ro.lexx ๐Ÿ’› #SETITOFFTOUR

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  10. The Shumperts

    Last but certainly not least on our list are the Shumperts. Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert have already been successful but they definitely glo'd up together within the last couple of years. After starting their beautiful family the duo both excelled in their individual fields. Iman continues to be an amazing NBA star, and Teyana consistently slays in her music, style and that enviable body of hers! The two are definitely #couplesgoals and like Cardi B and Offset, they made our Baewatch nominee list for the Social Awards!

    In honor of their glo up, here are some throwback pictures of each of them.

    R/P from @troytrouble3abm #TBT #youngshump #istillhatethrowbackthurstho

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