See Keke Palmer’s Mom Show Up The Paparazzi

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 15:  Actress/Singer Keke Palmer is seen in Soho  on December 15, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

See Keke Palmer’s Mom Show Up The Paparazzi

She’s there to capture it all as Keke flexes for the ‘gram.

Published December 15, 2016

For the past few days, Keke Palmer, whose autobiography comes out next month, has been serving major lewks all over Manhattan. And as the star herself tweeted, you know she’s doing it for the love of fashion, since it is cold AF in NYC right now. 23 degrees to be exact. 

Keke has a great sense of humor about the whole thing, posting tweets from fans that feature her posing as her mom snaps pics in the background.

We wish our mothers loved us that much. Keep slaying, Keke and Sharon.

Written by Jocelyn Silver

(Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images)


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