Donald Trump's Ex Wife and Daughter Have a $300 Budget for Inauguration Glam

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 08:  Marla Maples and Tiffany Trump attend Just | Drew  presentation at Metropolitan Pavilion on September 8, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Steve Zak/Getty Images)

Donald Trump's Ex Wife and Daughter Have a $300 Budget for Inauguration Glam

And they tried not paying their hairstylist at all.

Published January 18, 2017

Hairstylist Tricia Kelly made news when she came forward claiming that Tiffany Trump and Marla Maples asked for her services for the inauguration — for free. It’s ridiculous, but we shouldn’t be all that surprised. After all, the man himself is famous for refusing to pay his employees.  

Kelly told The Washington Post that an assistant told her Maples and Tiffany Trump had a strict $300 budget for both hair and makeup. The hairstylist eventually agreed to wave her traveling fee of $150, confirming a $200 fee for hair and $150 for a makeup artist. But then Maples presented another option: she asked Kelly and the makeup artist to wave their fees altogether in exchange for exposure on social media. Kelly was “disgusted” by their “entitled behavior,” refused the offer and took her story to the paper.

According to the Post, it’s not illegal for Maples and Tiffany Trump to accept a free service, but such an arrangement is pretty uncommon for those in Washington, D.C. politics. It’s more common in the fashion industry and Hollywood, although wealthy celebrities like the Kardashians do pay their hair and makeup professionals (it’s unclear what the exact rates they pay are, but Kim’s makeup and skincare routine alone costs over $2,000). Apparently Maples is concerned about money as the Donald’s child support payments stopped after Tiffany graduated college — but it’s still no excuse to try to stiff someone, especially considering that they, unlike Kelly, have a direct line to a billionaire.

But the worst part of all of this may be the response Kelly received after going to the paper. “You are messing with the president of the United States,” a Maples contact wrote her. Yikes.

The whole thing reminds us of this meme:

i have held my tongue about this for so long. i would love to know why @milk, a company worth millions, constantly asks me to work for them for free/no budget. i know 20 year old girls w/ billboards for @calvinklein who did not get paid A PENNY. the only people who survive off "exposure" are people who already have access to wealth. the rest of the QTPOC these huge companies are exploiting are starving & they're supposed to be grateful cause u gave them an instagram shoutout? there is "no budget" in the fashion industry for brown & black people. they want ur essence, not u. calling this type of bullshit out comes with the fear of losing jobs & the stigma of being difficult to work with. this shit is not new, this has been happening - especially to black people - for years and years. milk, vice, mtv, dazed, chanel..i could write a list a mile long of the companies who are trying to take advantage of every brown+black NYC cool kid. u know who pays? poc. i've had @VENUSXGG pay me more to show up at a party than @teenvogue offered me for a day long photoshoot. this transcends the fashion industry. the only solution is to build ur own brand & control the money - but that is an inaccessible option for most who are just trying to survive. i was lucky enough to be able to say "no" to these companies & refuse to work for free - some people can't & don't & it's not their fault. i'm lucky enough to sit here now & say all this shit & not care about the repercussions b/c i've removed myself from this industry. how can u look at this shit & think it's a joke, see these kids on billboards starving IRL & deduce that it's their fault? if u blame anyone but the companies who are exploiting brown+black folks, u need to open ur eyes. exposure is a joke. these companies are reaching out to u b/c they know what ur worth. u are more valuable to them than they are to u. ur emotional labor is not free. ur time is not free. ur work is not free. ur art is not free. ur body is not free. u are of value even if this industry and this world tells u ur not. u are worth enough for them to be circling u like vultures. know that.

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Written by Jocelyn Silver

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