Ivanka Trump Is Rebranding to Appeal to Middle America

Ivanka Trump Is Rebranding to Appeal to Middle America

No more Fifth Avenue fine jewelry.

Published March 16th

If we know one thing about Ivanka Trump, it's that nothing comes between her and her coin. Not even a little something something called conflict of interest! 


Following suit with her savage desire to monetize her image (and her influential perch), she has shuddered her exorbitantly priced jewelry line in favor of a new approach: pandering cheaper options to the socioeconomic class that voted her beloved father into the presidency.

Ivanka's jewelery line received backlash when she was using her father's influence to hawk her high-priced items. She appeared on 60 Minutes after the election where she wore a $10,800 bangle from her namesake collection. After the episode aired, the jewelry brand's PR sent a press release to journalists detailing the item that she wore. Not a good look, Crooked Ivanka!

Welp, it looks like the pricey diamond bracelet will soon be off the market. Trump's brand, now led by Abigail Klem, will now carry only lower-price-point items. Klem's appointment comes after Ivanka surrendered her position due to her political involvement. (Wait, why is she involved in her father's presidency again?) It's pretty obvious the strategy change was prompted by the needs of her father's most fervent supporters. No information was given as to the change in business strategy. Shady!

The smell of complicity is ripe in the air — and it fricking stinks. 

Written by Lainey Sidell

(Photo: Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Fortune/Time Inc)


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