We Tried That Instagram Bra That Amber Rose Posted and This Is What Happened...

042417-Lifestyle-Bra-Review-Bras-Sneaky-Vaunt (Photo: Sneaky Vaunt via Instagram)

We Tried That Instagram Bra That Amber Rose Posted and This Is What Happened...

From sizes A to DD and in-between, we tested it for you.

Published April 25, 2017

If you follow any celebs of the Insta-promo variety, you’re bound to see one of these stick-on bras pop up on your feed. Yes, these backless, strapless, adjustable, push-up bras have joined the ranks of tummy teas and waist trainers. And while numerous celebrities and Insta-stars are endorsing their “boosting powers,” it’s Amber Rose and her H cups that put them on the map.

Since I couldn’t scroll without seeing yet another Instagram video featuring these miracle bras, I decided that some other BET.com staffers and myself should give them a whirl. I've got to admit, I went into this test drive pretty skeptical. I’m petite, but my chest packs punch — size 32DD to be exact. And when the bras arrived, all I could think was that their streamlined appearance didn’t look secure enough. I’m used to straps and underwire, and don’t usually settle for anything less. But in the name of “keepin’ it a hunnit,” I went for it. We tried two different brands.

Amber Rose in Sneaky Vaunt:

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First up was Sneaky Vaunt, the same brand that Amber posted about. My favorite thing about this one was the cute little case it came in. It made me wish all bras came with one, then maybe they wouldn’t get bent out of shape overtime. But after that, things got sticky, quite literally. You have to loosen the draw string and then remove the plastic film that covers up the REALLY sticky inner cup. Once the adhesive touches your skin, it’s not going anywhere. I got a D in this since that was the biggest they went up to. Now, in no way am I looking for “max cleavage” like the site says, but I’m always looking for lift and this didn’t give that. Instead, I felt like I had a uni-boob thing going on. 

Rosa Acosta in The Perfect Sculpt:

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The second brand up was The Perfect Sculpt in a DD. It was just as sticky with not enough sculpt. Both were a pain to get off and felt similar to ripping off a Band-Aid. However, I get that’s to keep them in place. I didn’t bother to try either on again to see if they would stick the same because I didn’t want to do the whole tugging at my skin thing again. These didn’t do what I wanted them to do.

Since all boobs aren’t created equal, my co-workers repped for other sizes:

“I tried both brands of the infamous 'insta-bra' and neither worked at all for me. The first iteration of the Insta-bra that I tried was from The Perfect Sculpt. It was uncomfortably sticky on the inside and after my first failed attempt and reapplication to try again, it actually lost at least 80% of its stickiness. No bueno. Either way, it didn’t give me any lift or cleavage. Then I got the one from Sneaky Vault, which I will say kudos on excellent packaging to them. This bra felt of higher quality but still ultimately underperformed once I used it. After three tries, I didn’t get any cleavage and it just looked kind of silly on. I saw myself and couldn’t stop laughing. I really think, for me, it’s better to go bra-less. Even if my boobs were saggy, sadly these devices still wouldn’t help. If you’re of the A-cup camp, just get some nipple covers and call it a day.” – Danielle Prescod, lifestyle editor, tried size A (size 34A) 

Failure to Launch:

"I really love the convenience of Sneaky Vaunt's bra. Wearing it throughout the day was a breeze, as my ladies needed a bit of a pick up me in the strapless top I had decided to wear. For the next eight hours, they didn't sag or drop, remaining in place and feeling more comfortable than I could have ever imagined. With all that said, I've got one happy wear down and 39 more to go through out this spring and summer season that's bound to be filled with sexy and sophisticated backless and strapless tops." Ashley Monaé, assistant music editor, tried size C (size 34C)

"I thought The Perfect Sculpt bra actually worked for me because I did get a lift. I would wear this in a backless situation. However, I think you would only get about three wears out of it because it's less sticky each time. And it's also annoying to store because it sticks to everything!" – Brook England, video producer, tried size A (size 34A) 

Reason to Flaunt:

Clearly it’s a hit with some and total miss for others. I probably won't be sporting my Sneaky Vaunt or The Perfect Sculpt bras again, but a couple of my co-workers became fans. Like I said before, boobs are not created equal and what might work for one woman might not be fit for another. I say give either of  these brands a go if cleavage is what you desire, but don’t expect them to do any heavy lifting. I’ll leave you with this: Everything looks better on Instagram.

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo: Sneaky Vaunt via Instagram)


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