Kim Kardashian And North West Are Dressed As The Kennedys And On The Cover Of 'Interview'

Kim Kardashian And North West Are Dressed As The Kennedys And On The Cover Of 'Interview'

See why people are pissed this time.

Published August 28, 2017

Kim Kardashian West is the millennial answer to the Renaissance woman. After amassing an engaged following (becoming influencer patient zero), she climbed the ranks of advertising spots (from Sketchers to Balmain), turned her life into a video game, and made the first celebrity-inspired emojis (Kimoji really did break the app store), charting a blueprint for how to monetize one's brand in the process.

The wonderment that accompanies the KarJenner's collective meteoric rise to fame has, in the past, inspired Cosmopolitan to declare them America's first family (which led to inevitable controversy). Released today, Interview Magazine doubles down on that idea with a cover that deems Kimberly "America's New First Lady," with the heir apparent to her throne, North, seated beside her on the publication's cover. This marks Kim and North's first magazine cover together, and is likely to be the first of many. 

With North poised as the Caroline Kennedy to Kim's Jackie Kennedy Onassis, it's only appropriate that Northie receives her own special feature. In her first interview ever, she's questioned by fellow celebspawn such as Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford's daughter) and Penelope Disick. The best exchange? When asked by the ghost of Andy Warhol, "What’s your favorite color?" Nori gives the response of a true Gemini, who resists to decisively choose. Her answer: "Rainbow." Kanye, master of controlling interviews, will surely be proud.

For Kim's feature, she is interviewed by trans luminary Janet Mock. Following the Great Jeffree Star Debacle of, like, last week, it's particularly poignant that Mock asked Kardashian West, "I wonder how conscious you are of raising a mixed Black girl in the world?" Kim replied: "I’m very conscious of it. Kanye always has his family around and people who look like my daughter — that’s important to me. She’s obsessed with her curly hair, and if she finds someone who has the same hair, she runs to them and is like, “You have curly hair like me?” And we get to talk about it. We also talk about it with my niece Penelope, because she and North look really different, but they’re best friends and they’re together all the time." 

The images from this piece are bananas. Check them all out, and the Mock/Kardashian West interview, in the piece's entirety, here.

Naturally, not everyone is happy. Twitter had more than a few things to say and about the shoot and the suggestion that the Kardashian Wests are indeed American royalty. 

Written by Lainey Sidell

(Photo: Callahan/ACE/REX/Shutterstock)


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