Jennifer Lopez Reveals Why She’s Taking A ‘Break’ From Her Normal Beauty Routine

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Reveals Why She’s Taking A ‘Break’ From Her Normal Beauty Routine

The actress is centering herself during the pandemic.

Published April 23, 2020

Written by Tweety Elitou

During this time of stillness, many people have found themselves learning how to cope with social distancing. Even celebrities like Jennifer Lopez!

Recently, Jennifer spoke with People Magazine about her newfound quarantine lifestyle and we cannot get over her new beauty routine (or lack thereof).

“I’m letting everything take a break — my hair, damaged from 20 years in the business; letting my nails breathe,” Lopez tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “[I am] generally taking care of myself. We don’t want to come out of this without growing.”

The 50-year-old actress is currently self-isolating with her twins, Emme and Max, 12; her fiancé, Alex Rodriquez, 44, and his two daughters; Natasha, 15, and Ella, 12. 

JLo confirmed that during the first few weeks it was fun to be “comfortable, wear sweats, and have messy hair.” Now, she’s ready to put life into its proper perspective. 

“You start feeling like a mess internally,” she says. “So I think it’s about getting up, having a routine, trying to exercise, keeping my skincare routine regular, and using this time to get better.”

The “On the Floor” singer is also featured in the magazine’s “Beauty Issue” as one of the beauties of the year. When asked to define what beauty means to her, she responded with one word, “simplicity.”

“To me, that’s what I’m finding beauty in right now — the most basic, simple things,” she says. “The beauty of a sunny day, a tree, or a quiet moment with my kids.”

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During a sweet moment in the interview, Jennifer revealed that the first person to tell her that she was beautiful was her father, David. “Even to this day he calls or greets me with, ‘Hi gorgeous,'” she shares. “It affected me in the sense that your parents are your everything when you’re growing up and having them validate everything about beauty built up my confidence.”

We agree with Jennifer’s dad, she’s beautiful inside and out! 

(Photo: V E Anderson/WireImage)


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