Twitter Reads ‘Vogue’ For Filth After Post On ‘The Most Extreme Nail Art Yet’

(Photo: Vogue)

Twitter Reads ‘Vogue’ For Filth After Post On ‘The Most Extreme Nail Art Yet’

This isn’t the pub’s first time in the hot seat.

Published December 29, 2017

Black Twitter doesn’t play any games when it comes to cultural appropriation. From slamming the reinvention of cornrows as trendy boxer braids courtesy of Kim Kardashian to the emergence of #OscarsSoWhite as a response to a lack of people of color nominated at the Academy Awards, it’s clear, Black Twitter doesn’t mind taking on mainstream pubs over their blatant disregard of Black people and their cultural influence. Time and time again, these pubs have proven that they’ve missed the memo. The most recent example comes courtesy of Vogue.

  1. Back in March, Vogue published a piece titled, “Manicure Sculptures Are the Most Extreme Nail Art Yet.” The piece detailed Sarah Nguyen, a NY based manicurist’s journey to “taking the world of nail art to new maximalist heights.” Somehow the piece was re-posted over the recent holiday and garnered a slew of backlash for “breaking news” on a trend that’s been used by people of color for years.

  2. Once news of the post went viral, Twitter quickly called the pub out for yet another instance of overlooking a trend made popular by minorities and calling it off as groundbreaking and new.

    This isn’t Vogue’s first time coming under fire for Christopher Columbus’ing Black culture. Twitter snatched their edges for crediting Karlie Kloss with making Timberland boots “fresh” and “new,” as well as their proclamation that “We’re Officially In The Age Of The Big Booty,” back in 2014.

    Check out some of the responses to Vogue’s “Manicure Sculpture” post:

Written by Jasmine Washington


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