R&R With The Rich And Famous: 8 Places Where You Can Vacation Like A Celebrity

8 Places Where You Can Vacation Like A Celebrity

R&R With The Rich And Famous: 8 Places Where You Can Vacation Like A Celebrity

These locations encourage you to sit back and relax.

UPDATED ON : JULY 20, 2021 / 04:04 PM

Written by Emerald Elitou

With just a quick scroll through social media, it’s quite evident that celebrities are seizing the warmer weather to jet-set to their favorite destinations. Whether they are enjoying a cozy and laid-back trip away from the limelight or a sultry baecation with the ones they love, we’re convinced that stars have their pulse on vacation hotspots. 

Want to travel like your favorite celebrity? Look no further. We’ve curated a list of eight of the trendiest places to visit this summer. And who knows...you may just run into your favorite star!  

  1. Martha’s Vineyard
    Colorful summer cottages on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
    (Photo: Getty Images)

    Celebrities Who Love Martha’s Vineyard: The Obama Family, Oprah Winfrey, and Spike Lee

    Martha’s Vineyard is a popular summer hotspot for many celebrities. Located south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts the quaint vacation destination is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, harbor towns, colorful cottages, and lighthouses. 

  2. The Hamptons
    Beach entrance on the dunes
    (Photo: Getty Images)

    Celebrities Who Love The Hamptons: The Carter Family, Jennifer Lopez, and Diddy

    The Hamptons is a combination of small towns and villages gracing the eastern end of Long Island in New York state. The well-known (and loved) vacation destination boasts the highly esteemed Cooper’s Beach, the historic Shinnecock Golf Club, along with the Hampton Classic Horse Show. These are just a few of the many things that encourage our favorite celebrities to relax there.

  3. Turks and Caicos
    (Photo: Getty Images)

    Celebrities Who Love Turks and Caicos: Kim Kardashian, Drake, DJ Khaled

    The impeccable beaches in Turks and Caicos attract people from all walks of life. Granting a wide range of luxury accommodations, including private mansion rentals, the isle is best known for its white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and we can’t forget over-the-top watersports. 

  4. Exumas In The Bahamas
    "A sailboat travels past Stocking Island, Exuma, in the Bahamas."
    (Photo: Getty Images)

    Celebrities Who Love Exumas In The Bahamas: Tyler Perry, Taraji P. Henson, and Eddie Murphy

    The Exumas are renowned for their sapphire-blue waters, which can be seen as far as outer space. Including a chain of 365 islands, the Exumas are home to flawless coastlines, deserted cays, and affluent resorts. We’re talking about a full luxury vacation!

  5. Saint-Tropez, France
    (Photo: Getty Images)

    Celebrities Who Love Saint-Tropez, France: Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, and Magic Johnson

    Saint-Tropez—a coastal town on the French Riviera— is known for its beaches and nonstop nightlife. Oh, did we mention that the Plage de Tahiti is famous (or dare we say: infamous) for its “clothing optional” beach. Risque! 

  6. Capri, Italy
    Capri island panorama from Monte Solaro, Faraglioni and Tyrrhenian sea, Bay of Naples, Italy.
    (Photo: Getty Images)

    Celebrities Who Love Capri: Kylie Jenner, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith

    Capri is a famed destination thanks to its rugged scenery, deluxe hotels, designer fashions, and grandeur yacht experiences. The isle is also esteemed for its Blue Grotto, a dark cove where the sea glows electric blue. So impressive!

  7. Venice, Italy
    A gondolier paddles towards the sunset in Venice's Grand Canal. Photo taken from the famous Rialto Bridge.
    (Photo: Getty Images)

    Celebrities Who Love Venice, Italy: Ciara and Russell Wilson, Samuel L. Jackson, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

    Famously known as the City of Canals, Venice possesses a rich historic heritage and priceless art. The picturesque city is also highlighted for its romantic aura and quite interestingly its notoriously terrible mapping system. Our advice, do your research so you only get lost in your lover's eyes. 

  8. Bora Bora
    Beautiful Bora Bora
    (Photo: Getty Images)

    Celebrities Who Love Bora Bora: Usain Bolt and Halle Berry 

    Bora Bora is a small island northwest of Tahiti that is surrounded by a turquoise lagoon and protected by a coral reef. The charming island it’s known for its scuba diving, luxe adventures, and popular luxury resort destinations. There are also the impressive bungalows hoisted over the water on stilts, making it a celebrity favorite.

(Photo: Getty Images)


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