Black Women, Breast Cancer and Financial Toxicity: Finding An Ally in a Daunting Fight

Breast Cancer and the accompanying money burdens are a struggle, but Michigan-based The Pink Fund is giving much needed help.
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Fearless Fund Hires Powerful Defense Team to Battle Conservative Lawsuit

The Black-woman-owned venture capital company is being sued by a conservative action group.

The HBCU Endowment Gap: Why Black Colleges Lag So Far Behind PWIs

While the richest schools with predominantly White student bodies swim in billions, Black schools are far behind. The reason has a basis in history.
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Mind Your Money: Expert Tips For This Entrepreneur For Setting Up A Business Budget

This 28-year-old Hurricane Katrina survivor and New Orleans native wants to launch a luxury fashion line.
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Mind Your Money: This Native New Yorker Learns Why You Should Pay Yourself First

For this bachelor-in-the-city, eating out is gobbling up his discretionary income.
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Mind Your Money: This Entrepreneur Learns To Align Her Mission And Business For Financial Health

"Post-college is when people need the most help with their careers."
Ayana King

Mind Your Money: This Small Business Owner Wants To Be Semi-Retired In Her 50s

This mom of two says she wasn't always the best with finances, but now she has alerts on her phone to remind her when bills are due.
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Mind Your Money: Expert Tips For This Financial Advisor Support Specialist Who Wants To Build Generational Wealth

"Investing seems like something that can wait, but I am trying to change that frame of mind for myself," says the mom of four.

Mind Your Money: Finance Tips For This Attorney Making $70k Hoping To Launch Her Own Private Practice

This social butterfly is booked as bridesmaid in five weddings but these types of expenses are hard on her pocketbook.
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Mind Your Money: This New Homeowner Gets Expert Advice On Affording Home Renovations

This mom of two is living her best life after her lender paid off her mortgage.
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Women’s History Month: Why Is Salary Transparency Important To Black Women?

“Not being transparent almost always ensures that the person coming in behind you may not get what they deserve.”