baltimore police

Police Searching For Suspect Who Shot Five People at Morgan State Campus

Four of the victims were students who were wounded as Homecoming celebrations began at the HBCU.

Baltimore Police Find Child Wandering The Streets Alone

They’re asking for the public’s help to reunite him with his parents or guardians.

White Family Violently Assaults Cops, But Officers Didn’t Feel Threatened Enough To Use Fatal Force

Many say the Davis incident proves racial bias exists.

Community Heartbroken After High School Football And Lacrosse Star Student Was Shot To Death

Baltimore police say Antwone Glasgow III was not the target.

Baltimore Cops Accused Of Keeping BB Guns To Plant On Suspects And Robbing People Of Drugs And Cash

The officers were indicted on racketeering charges.

18-Year-Old Charged For Strangling A Homeless Mother Of Four To Death And Raping Her Corpse

James Arthur House confessed to his crimes.

Baltimore Public Defender Says Viral Body Cam Video Shows an Officer Planting Drugs

Charges were dropped against Tyrone Jones, who was in jail.

Outrage in Baltimore After Video Surfaces From the Brutally Violent Arrest of 16-Year-Old Alonzo Cox

Here's what the teenager said of that terrifying moment.

Watch: Activist Captures Video of a Baltimore Officer's Desperate Attempt to Save a Dying Infant

Major Richard Gibson tearfully accepted the outcome.

Look: 21-Year-Old Tawon Boyd Dies After Physical Altercation With Baltimore County PD

His grandmother believes the police used deadly force.