Gayle King

National Best Friend's Day 2024: See Who Our Favorite Celebrities Are Besties With

Although some of these friends are not blood-related, their connection is thicker than water.

Gayle King Shoots Her Shot At Lenny Kravitz

The 69-year-old anchor asked the rock star, “Do you have a significant other in your life…and can I beat her a** if she is?”

Gayle King Hilariously Pranks Charles Barkley and Her Bestie Oprah

Ms. Winfrey wasn't having it.

Gayle King Helped Plan Son's Recent Engagement

"And I now have a favorite daughter-in-law to be,” said the "CBS Mornings" co-host.

Gayle King Reveals Her Dating Red And Green Flags And That One Thing She Craves About Black Men

She also admitted that it's difficult in the dating pool because she believes men are intimidated by her.

Gayle King And Niece Have Fun Swimsuit Photo Shoot For Thanksgiving

Their swimsuit-themed tradition started as a joke six years ago.

Gayle King Claims Oprah Advised Her to Stop Asking JAY-Z for an Interview

“Even Oprah said, ‘You are making a damn fool of yourself,’” she said during a recent red carpet appearance.

CBS Announces Premiere Date for JAY-Z and Gayle King Hour-Long Interview

The primetime event will feature never-before-seen footage from the interview with the historically private businessman.

JAY-Z Explains Why He’ll Never Sell His Masters

The businessman also shares how he secured the ultimate deal with Def Jam.