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Florida Mom And Test Administrator Mysteriously Vanishes During Finals Week

Kameela Russell disappeared while picking up her daughter.

Watch: Orlando Officer Debra Clayton Brutally Shot and Killed by Man Suspected in Pregnant Ex's Murder

Officials have started a manhunt for Markeith Loyd.

Watch: Disgusting ‘Colored’ and ‘Whites Only’ Water Fountain Signs Hung in Florida High School

Bringing back when America was "great."

Details Behind Young Father Robbed and Killed After Being Set Up by Online Date

Adam Hilarie leaves behind a 5-year-old girl.

[Sad News] Who Shot College Football Star Gregory Bryant?

The UAB player has been declared brain dead.

Fire Breather Goes Up in Flames — Literally — During High School Pep Rally

Likely has third degree burns to 15 percent of his body.

Man Accused of Killing Bethune-Cookman Univ. Students Hangs Himself in Jail

York Zed Bodden committed suicide after being charged.

'Charleston 2' Scrawled on Bishop's Truck Near Black Church in Florida

New Shiloh Christian Center has been vandalized three times.