Barbados Says It Is Owed $4.9 Trillion in Reparations For Slavery

King Charles has said ‘time has come’ for that conversation, but the U.K. government doesn’t want that discussion.
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BET’s Blackity Black Guide To Caribbean Carnivals

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Antigua and Barbuda to Hold Referendum to Remove King Charles III as Head of State

The Prime Minister of the Caribbean nation says the vote will come within the next three years.

World Treks A Nervous Path Into An Uncertain Future: 2021’s Most Important Global Moments

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Prince Charles Says ‘Slavery Was An Atrocity’ As Barbados Becomes Republic

As the nation officially exits British rule, it also honored its most famous native, Rihanna.
Queen Elizabeth II, Governor-General of Barbados Dame Sandra Mason

Barbados Scheduled To Remove Queen Elizabeth II As Head of State

The tiny Caribbean island will become an independent republic starting at midnight on Monday, November 30.

New Jersey Couple On Vacation In Barbados Went On Jet Ski Ride, Then Vanished

Oscar Suarez and Magdalena Devil were wearing life jackets.

Barbados Has Named Rihanna As It’s Newest Ambassador

Congrats are in order.