student loan debt

President Biden’s Federal Student Loan Debt Relief Program Faces Crucial Hurdle At Supreme Court

The high court’s decision weighs heavily on Black borrowers who carry disproportionately high student debt.

Biden Extends Student Loan Payment Freeze While Courts Consider His Debt Forgiveness Program

It’s unfair to ask millions of borrowers eligible for debt relief to resume payments while litigation is ongoing, the president says.

Student Loan Forgiveness Applications No Longer Being Accepted

The Education Department’s website says, “courts have issued orders blocking our student debt relief program.”

Federal Judge Blocks President Biden's Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Plan

The administration has appealed the ruling in a lawsuit filed by a conservative advocacy group.

Republican Governors Ask Biden To Withdraw Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

The president’s plan forces taxpayers to financially bail out ‘an elite few,’ the governors argue.

OP-ED: Racist Massacre In New York Reminds Us Much More Is Needed On Racial Equity

Billionaire Robert F. Smith hopes to dismantle injustice by tackling social disparities.

Biden Under Pressure To Help Black Borrowers With High Student Loan Debt

The Congressional Black Caucus has described the crisis as ‘a racial and economic justice issue.’