HIV Infections Are Down, But The Racial Disparities Still Exist

The CDC found that only 11 percent of African Americans living with HIV have access to proper medication.

Suicide Significantly Rising Among Young Black People ‘In Crisis,’ Report Shows

The analysis of data over three years reveals a disturbing trend in our community.

Black People Are Getting Sicker And Being Hospitalized More Often Than Whites This Flu Season

The CDC warns that this season’s flu is making people sicker earlier in the year, and is landing Black people at a higher rate than whites.

CDC Director Slammed For Calling Tuskegee Study Victims’ Suffering A ‘Sacrifice’

The 40-year syphilis experiment by government doctors involved 600 Black men who unknowingly participated.

White House Monkeypox Response Team Pledges Support to LGBTQ Events

CDC numbers show the virus overwhelmingly affects gay and bisexual men, with Black and Latino men being disproportionally impacted.

CDC: Black Americans Had Highest Drug Overdose Death Rate At Start Of Pandemic

Systemic racism likely played a key role, researchers say.

President Biden Mourns 1 Million Americans Dead From Covid-19

The president is hosting an international Covid Summit at the White House to determine how nations should act to combat the years-long pandemic.

‘Give Your Community A Boost’: CDC Makes A Push To End COVID-19 And Get Us Back To A New Normal

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers tools to help Black communities finally win the battle against the coronavirus.

Florida Surgeon General Rejects CDC Recommendations, Says Healthy Children Should Forgo COVID-19 Vaccination

The CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics disagree and maintain their recommendation that children older than 5 be vaccinated.

Black Girls and Women Killed At Rate of 4 Per Day In 2020 As Homicides Increased

Homicides of Black girls and women were the most increased.

CDC Launches New HIV Treatment Campaign

Initiative focuses on the importance of taking AIDS meds.