Kamala Harris To Meet With Jamaican Prime Minister To Improve Bilateral And Caribbean Regional Relations

This is the first official visit to Washington by a Jamaican leader in nearly three decades.

Jamaica Reportedly Began Process Of Removing Queen Elizabeth II As Head Of State

Voices on the Caribbean island nation demand reparations for slavery from the U.K.

Prince William And Duchess Kate’s Visit To Jamaica Will Be Protested

Activists are demanding slavery reparations and for Queen Elizabeth to be removed as head of state.

Jamaicans Faced Racist Gunmen While Fleeing Ukraine, Students Say

'A Ukrainian actually put a gun to his head,’ a Jamaican student recalled seeing his friend forced off a train.

A Jamaican Bobsled Team Will Compete In The Olympics For First Time In Nearly A Quarter Century

It’s also the first time they’ve qualified for three bobsled events.

Diana King Reveals Loss Of Daughter Who Was On Life Support Before She Died

Shalamar Diana Wright passed away earlier this month.

Jamaican Breaks Flo-Jo’s Record in Women’s Track Sweep, Durant Makes History: 2020 Tokyo Olympics Roundup

A decades-old record is toppled by Elaine Thompson-Herah

Jamaica Planning To Seek Massive Amount Reparations Money From Britain Over Slave Trade

The potential payout could be worth billions of pounds.