Shanquella Robinson

Shanquella Robinson's Family To Sue Friends Present At Her Death In Mexico

U.S. prosecutors have declined to pursue criminal charges, but the family continues to seek justice.

Shanquella Robinson's Family Sends Cease-And-Desist Letter To Tubi Series

Her loved ones are re-living the tragedy ‘in a manner that is inaccurate and disrespectful,’ the letter states.

Shanquella Robinson’s Family Rallies In Washington, D.C., Demands Biden Administration Intervention

Mexican authorities issued a criminal warrant for a suspect in Robinson’s death while on vacation, and the family wants an extradition.

Feds Say They Will Not Pursue Criminal Charges In Death of Shanquella Robinson

Her family has pleaded with President Joe Biden to push for an extradition of Robinson’s killer.

Explainer: Why There Are No Arrests Yet In The Shanquella Robinson Case

Attorneys for the 25-year-old whose mysterious death made international headlines have made their case to the president and to diplomatic authorities.

Shanquella Robinson Family, Lawyers Demand White House Intervention For Arrest In Homicide Case

Mexican authorities say they’re waiting on the U.S. to extradite an unnamed suspect in Robinson’s death.

Activists And Shanquella Robinson’s Family Will Mail Letters With Pink Envelopes To Mexican Officials

They are demanding justice for the 25-year-old who died nearly three months ago.

Shanquella Robinson Investigation Is Ongoing, Says Mexican Prosecutor

The Charlotte woman died nearly three months ago while on vacation with friends, one of whom was seen in a video allegedly attacking her.

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