Iowa Teen Who Killed Her Rapist Escapes From Custody

Pieper Lewis was homeless and sex trafficked at 15 when she fatally stabbed her rapist, but a court ordered her to pay restitution to his estate.

Teen Seeks To Overturn Court-Ordered $150K Payment To Family Of Her Rapist

The judge’s restitution order is ‘absurd,’ Pieper Lewis’ attorneys say.

Iowa Teen Trafficking Victim Ordered To Pay $150K To Family Of Rapist Raises The Money On GoFundMe

“I am a survivor,” Pieper Lewis said in a statement.

Black Lawmakers In Iowa Zoom ‘Bombed’ With Racial Slurs And Threats

The incident was reported to police.

Iowa Man Sentenced To Life For Murdering Black Man By Setting His Body On Fire

A judge described Steven Vogel as a “cold-blooded murderer” for killing Michael Williams, whose body was found burning in a ditch.

Black Iowa Mayor Re-Elected After Being Targeted By Pro-Police Group

The results came after a campaign marked by bitter debates over policing.

Iowa County Once Named For Slave Owner Renamed In Honor Of Black Female Historian

The county was originally named for a slave owner.

Former Black Iowa Football Players Moving Forward With Lawsuit After $20 Million Settlement Denied

University of Iowa refuses to fire the team’s head coach.

Here’s The Quote About ‘Poor Kids’ That Has Everyone Including Rihanna Giving Joe Biden The Side-Eye

The former vice president is catching a lot of heat.

White Elementary School Teacher Takes Megyn Kelly Seriously And Wears Blackface To Halloween Party

Megan Luloff is under investigation with the district.