hate speech

Video Of Student Saying Blacks 'Should Not Be Alive' Alarms Colorado Parents

Fears of a potential school mass shooting have parents demanding action.

Kanye West Responds To Being Flagged For Antisemitism

“I don’t like the term,” he said in an interview on NewsNation with Chris Cuomo.

Racist Flyers Show Up Again In Jacksonville Neighborhood, Alarming Residents

Neighbors say the hate messages have united them.

Black Thought Leaders Blast Racist Attacks Against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Black notables from differing political ideologies penned an open letter calling out the distinction in criticism of Thomas versus hate speech.

UMass Investigating 'Racist, Hateful' Emails Sent To Black Students

University of Massachusetts Amherst students say they’re upset by the email but not shocked anymore after a disturbing pattern.

Racist Social Media Post Targets Black Greek-Letter Organizations At Arkansas State University

Black students demand a change to the campus culture that allows these incidents to reoccur.
Homeland Security Suspends Employee with Racist Website

Homeland Security Suspends Employee With Racist Website

Ayo Kimathi's website called for a race war.

Negative Reviews of Dark Knight Rises Bring Death Threats

Fans offer hate speech in response to film critiques.

Commentary: New York Teacher Receives Racist Hate Mail

The so-called defenders of patriotism disgrace us all.