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Economist Dr. Lisa Cook Is the First Black Woman to Serve on the U.S. Federal Reserve Board

Dr. Cook is the latest Black woman nominated by President Joe Biden to a position making her the first to serve on a federal body.

Joint Center Poll Finds Black People Cautiously Optimistic About Biden Presidency

Joint Center Poll Finds Black Americans Cautiously Optimistic But Concerned About Economics and Race

You Might Be Eligible For A $1400 IRS Plus-Up Stimulus Check, But The Deadline Is December 31st

To be eligible you must have made less in 2020 than in 2019.

Black Women Are Leaving the Workforce at the Highest Rates of Any U.S. Demographic, Report Says

Black Women Leaving U.S. Workforce More Than Other Demographics, Report Says

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day 2021: How To Negotiate Your Salary Like a Boss

Two industry experts give us the scoop on getting paid.

CEO of OneUnited Bank Announces Campaign To End The Racial Wealth Gap

OneUnited Bank teaches you how to generate steady money.

Economics Needs More Minorities, Women, Says Federal Reserve Chair

Janet Yellen addressed the lack of diversity at conference.

Commentary: Connecting the Dots

Linking Trayvon Martin to Eric Holder to stop and frisk.