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Houston, We Have a Runoff…

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and Texas State Sen. John Whitmire will face each other for the right to be the new Mayor of Houston on Dec. 9. But that’s not the only race Houstonians will decide that day.

Making History In The Nation’s First Capital

From Philadelphia making history to the Supreme Court shoring up its Democratic majority, Pennsylvania’s elections had an eye on 2024, even if it wasn’t obvious.

Poll Shows Black Voter Frustration With Democratic Party

The battleground states survey suggests Trump could win a high percentage of disgruntled Black voters.

5 Things To Consider Before Voting On Election Day

Here are some steps to ensure your voice is heard and to boost Black voter turnout.

The Buckeye Vote: Controversy Sits on Ohio’s Ballot Next Week

Ohio voters will decide on issues dividing the country at large.

The Purple Garden: New Jersey is a Complicated State with Complicated Politics

There are no easy answers when it comes to right- or left-wing in the Garden State.

Poverty is Mississippi Voters’ Primary Concern in the Upcoming Election

The state leads the country in poverty rates.

The Weight of the State: Much on the Line for Louisiana’s Primary Elections

Louisiana’s voters have a lot to consider as they head to the polls to pick their new governor.

Reclaim Your Vote 2023: Black To the Ballot Box

On National Black Voter's Day and beyond, BET will take a non-partisan look at the midterm elections through the eyes of Black voters.
Reclaim Your Vote

Midterm Elections 2022: With More than 32 Million Eligible Voters, Black Americans Could Be The Boost Black Candidates Need To Win

The Black Economic Alliance launched campaign ad to inform voters about the power they have to make history in these races.