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How a Holiday Classic from Prince Expresses How Black Men Process Loneliness

‘Another Lonely Christmas’ the 1984 crown jewel from His Royal Badness, tells the tale of a tragically lost love, but also what men can feel at such a vulnerable time.

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, It’s Time To Cap Costs and Save Lives

Op-Ed: The cost of the disease to Black people is heavy, but there are solutions if we work for them.

What Happens When Black Men Chop It Up at a Desert Mental Health Retreat? You’d Be Surprised

Reflection: A rare occasion for all of them, it begs the question of why it doesn’t happen more often.

Robin Quivers of ‘The Howard Stern Show’ Talks Battle with Endometrial Cancer

The radio show personality has lived with the disease for over 10 years.

Black Women, Breast Cancer and Financial Toxicity: Finding An Ally in a Daunting Fight

Breast Cancer and the accompanying money burdens are a struggle, but Michigan-based The Pink Fund is giving much needed help.

Black Patients Have Higher Post-Surgery Mortality Rate Than White Patients

Systemic racism is at the core of U.S. health care disparities, the CDC says.

To Fight and Win Against Prostate Cancer: Three Black Men Share Their Stories

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and Black men who remain untested are among the most susceptible. But these men say there is another way.

Bronny James Cardiac Arrest Caused by Congenital Heart Defect

The 18-year-old fell ill during a workout at USC in July.

OPINION: It’s Black Maternal Health Week And It Matters For A Good Reason

The statistics are point to some serious challenges in reproductive health, but it's not too late to make changes.

Study: Black Men Face Higher Risk Of Prostate Cancer Than All Other Racial Groups

The American Cancer Society has blamed structural racism for disparities in cancer mortality rates.

Black People Are Getting Sicker And Being Hospitalized More Often Than Whites This Flu Season

The CDC warns that this season’s flu is making people sicker earlier in the year, and is landing Black people at a higher rate than whites.