Crown Act

Black Student Suspended Over Dreadlocks Sent To Disciplinary Alternative School

Daryl George’s family filed a civil rights lawsuit citing Texas’ CROWN Act that bans hair discrimination.

The Family Of A Black Student Is Suing Officials In Texas For Hair Discrimination

Darryl George, 17, has been serving an in-school suspension at Barbers Hill High School in Mont Belvieu because school officials said that his dreadlocks violate the district’s dress code.
Greg Abbott on BET Buzz 2021.

Texas Teen Suspended for Hairstyle Sues Gov. Greg Abbott

The student and his family are accusing the governor and the state’s attorney general of allegedly failing to enforce the state’s CROWN Act.

Why Texas School District Suspended Black Boy Over Dreadlocks, Despite Hair Discrimination Ban

Two dozen states have enacted a CROWN Act that bans hairstyle discrimination associated with race.
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Redefining Professionalism: Celebrating The Beauty Of Black Hairstyles And Fostering Inclusion
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Dove is deeply committed to ending hair discrimination so everyone can embrace and celebrate their natural hair.