Equal Justice Initiative, Kiss Case

Two Black Men Recount Their Childhood Trauma of Being Arrested, Jailed, and Beaten After White Girl Kissed Them on the Cheek

In one fateful moment, the lives of James Hanover Thompson and David Simpson were forever changed, destroying their childhood innocence and perpetually tying them to “The Kissing Case.”

NYC Elite Public High School Only Admits Seven Black Students Out Of 762 New Pupils

New York City’s prestigious high schools' lack of Black students reflects segregation in education across the country.

Judge Expunges Juvenile Record Of Claudette Colvin Who Refused To Give Up Her Seat Months Before Rosa Parks

She became a civil rights pioneer when she was arrested at age 15 for violating Alabama’s bus segregation law.

This Day In Black History: Dec. 1, 1955

Rosa Parks is arrested.

This Day in Black History: May 17, 1954

Brown v. Board of Education outlawed segregation in schools.

This Day in Black History: Feb. 19, 1942

The Tuskegee Airmen were initiated into the armed forces.

Viral Photo Of White And Black Kids Segregated In South African Classroom

The four Black kids were separated from white classmates.

Video Shows Angry, Rich, White Parents Protesting Plan For Schools To Bring In More Black Students

Many say the incident reveals how the racism of liberals.

Brown v. Board of Education Pioneer Linda Brown Dies At 76 And Is Remembered For Her Youth Activism

At 9, she led a historic case that ended segregation.

Outrage After This Principal at a Predominantly Black School Emails Staff 'White Students Should Be in the Same Class'

Christine Hoffman wanted the students to feel 'comfortable.'