How The Black And Missing Foundation Shines A Spotlight On Otherwise Ignored Missing Black People

The organization created by two powerful Black women is finding new tools to raise awareness.

BET Special Report: Are Gun Buyback Programs An Effective Response To Violent Crime? Some Say Yes, Others Are Critical

Law enforcement officials see them as part of their violent crime fighting efforts, but researchers and scholars feel they aren’t making the kind of impact that will ultimately save lives.

Opinion: How Inaction Normalized Both Mass Shootings and Gun Violence In Black Communities

A common denominator exists when discussing something that happens so often that people don’t even notice.

GOP Holds NYC Crime Victims Hearing In Thinly Veiled Attack On DA Alvin Bragg

The Manhattan prosecutor’s office calls the meeting a ‘political stunt,’ which comes more than a week after Donald Trump’s indictment.

What We Know So Far About Retired NBA Star Shawn Kemp’s Arrest

An altercation led to shots being fired, investigators say.

Black Mayors For NYC, L.A., Houston Say Public Safety, Homelessness Are Biggest Issues

‘It’s a moment for us,’ says Mayor Eric Adams about this historic time.

Distinctive-Looking Viral Star Charles “Wide Neck” McDowell is In Jail Again

The rapper who shot to fame on the strength of his mugshot is accused of stalking and failing to make support payments.
Shanquella Robinson

Arrest Warrant Issued For Friend Of Shanquella Robinson Who Died In Cabo, Mexico Under Mysterious Circumstances

The 25-year-old was reportedly traveling with friends when she was found dead in a vacation rental property.

White Supremacist Accused of Kidnap, Rape and Assault of a Black Woman He Held Captive in His Basement

Despite rumors, police say there’s no proof Timothy Haslett, Jr. had more than one victim in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

Jamaica Banning Broadcasts Glorifying Drugs And Crime

The government said the move is to cut back on programming that “could give the wrong impression that criminality is an accepted feature of Jamaican culture and society.”

Man Accused of Hitting Wisconsin Christmas Parade Spectators With His Car Promises Better Courtroom Behavior

Darrell Brooks, who is representing himself at trial where he is accused of killing five and injuring 60 people has behaved erratically in court.