Quavo And Martell Cognac Join Forces For The Culture With ‘Make Your Statement’ Movement

We exclusively spoke with the Atlanta rap star about the trailblazing new partnership, its impact on the culture, and their liberating "Make Your Statement" movement for 2019 and beyond.

Classic meets contemporary as one of the most historic cognac houses, Martell Cognac, teams with one of the most cultivated leaders of the new generational hip-hop and cultural powerhouse, Quavo.

Raising the curtain on the collaborative “Make Your Statement” movement, Quavo and Martell are tipping their hats and toasting their glasses to every creator, visionary, idealist and everyone in-between who propelled their own lanes to success while holding onto the principle of staying true to themselves along the way. The Migos rap star is not only the face of the freshly innovative campaign, but also the most equipped voice of the millennial era to represent its impelling messages. In the boundless territory of hip-hop, social influencers and other cultural impactors, Martell handpicked Huncho to speak life into the campaign for his authentic rise to the top of hip-hop’s VIP circle and pop culture and cementing his own self-made approach to success. Spotlighting these virtues, Martell also presented the Atlanta hip-hop luminary with a video spot to share his career-long ideals and his “Make Your Statement” story.

BET Digital spoke with the man of the movement himself to learn more about the partnership selection, the defining qualities of a self-dubbed king of the culture, statements he plans to make with the partnership, and 2019’s outlook for himself and the Migos. As a person who crowns yourself one of the kings of the culture, what is your statement?

Quavo: Just be creative. Foster your own individuality, and don't worry about anything else. Creativity is so important to me because it's natural. Ideas come natural to me and nothing is forced. That's the best way to lead the wave. 

What makes a person a leader of the culture?

Having new sounds, new trends, and always staying confident. It's not enough to just throw something out there and say, 'Hey, look at me, look what I'm trying to start!' People from the outside looking in have to believe in it, and you have to be leading in the right direction. 

Of all the liquor brands—specifically cognac brands—out there, why did Martell stand out for you?

Well, for one, I do drink cognac myself. In the club, in the studio, social events, etc. I know for a long time there were competing brands that lead the way, but we never saw them tap into today's culture. So when Martell reached out, I was rocking with it. Plus, Martell was here before all of them. They're the OGs. 

“Staying true to yourself,” another message of the campaign, means different things to different people. What does that statement mean to you as a rap artist?

Most importantly, I think staying true to my people, staying true to where I'm from and staying true to my culture. It stands for a lot more than just being a rapper. You turn into a preacher for a lot of people, and you have to make a statement. You have to move a lot of people. Coming up, I had to take up for my family. So staying true to my hood, where I'm from and the grounds that made my name, my label and everyone who's with me. When you stay true to the core, more blessings flow in. You become a magnet. You begin to attract all types of good energy and positive energy. 

You said that you plan to “change the way people drink." What do you mean by that? 

The way we rap about it. A lot of rappers normally down the liquor and will start to drink other things that's not good for the people. It goes back to partying and having two cups of Martell and not two cups of [something dangerous.] Having two cups of alcohol and sipping is better to promote and put on a track than rapping about a drink that's not so safe and having a [young fan] listen, and drink and drink, then get sick, or God forbid, die. So, I'm just trying to change the way we rap and change the way people put stuff in their cup. Right now, that's a trend in my lane, in my world and on the music. So right now, I'm just trying to reshape that. 

Outside of rap, you direct videos, you play sports, you DJ, you produce, you act. You're pretty much one of hip-hop's jack-of-all-trades. What’s still left that you haven’t done that we might possibly get from you in 2019?

Movies. Even doing music for movies. Not really soundtracks, but just doing the theme to the music with production. Not even hearing my voice or nothing like that. Just using different beats and moods to set up the scenes of the movies. Whatever I see that people are doing, and it looks great, I'm up for that challenge. I feel like I can do it. Like you said, I'm a jack-of-all-trades.

I’m sure Migos has a pretty big 2019 lined up. Will all three solo albums drop before the end of the year?

Nah. We still got Offset, so I don't want to spill too much of that. I'll let Offset answer that one. 

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