Here's What 12 Real Men Had To Say About Period Sex

“Extra sauce never hurt nobody.”

Fellas, how far will you go to please your woman? As far providing her that vitamin D during her period, perhaps?

As we all learned in health classes, a woman getting her period once every 28 days is a very natural part of life. In fact, it’s the thing that keeps life going on this planet. But it’s 2018 and that doesn’t mean that a woman can’t get her rocks off in the bedroom if she’s menstruating.

Believe it or not, there is research out there that suggests having sex with a woman during menstruation offers a few positive benefits for women including relief from cramps, shorter periods, and even a natural lubricant.

“Period sex” is something that folks haven’t been very open to talking about, and often men make women made feel dirty about being on their period. Some cultures even require couples to sleep in separate beds during “that time of the month." But in the wake of some recent confessions about bedroom etiquette (*ahem* DJ Khaled), we were curious to know what men really think about having sex with a woman during her menstrual cycle. Are they against it? Are they for it? Do they feel weird about it? We reached out to 12 real guys to get their take on this potentially “messy” topic.

  1. "It's natural"

    “I mean, it happens. When I was younger, I was honestly grossed out about it. I don’t get excited about that time of the month, but I been with my girl for two years, and we did it once or twice, but both times it started when we were in the act. I didn’t run and jump out the window—its natural.” -Marcus, 25


  2. "It’s gross"

    “No. It’s gross. I am not going to lie, I will probably lose attraction to [a] woman in general if I experience that. TBH!”-Tyrell, 21

  3. “I would do it for her”

    “I don’t like that s**t! But I’ve done it of course. If it’s my significant other, I would do it for her.” -Frank, 29

  4. "If it's odorless...I'm all for it"

    “It all depends. With your significant other it’s always a go in my opinion. However, I am a man with a weak nose. I wouldn’t be able to stand a strong/intense odor. But if it’s odorless and my woman, I’m all for it. I’m never pressed enough for the vagina to have to have sex with one of my random partners on her period.” -Kendall, 28

  5. "It's weird"

    “Never done this. It’s weird that people even consider this.” -Sean, 32

  6. "Extra sauce never hurt nobody"

    “Nothing wrong with period sex and running the red light. Just put a towel [ed note: or a Thinx period sex blanket!] you don’t mind getting dirty down and you’re good to go. Extra sauce never hurt nobody. I’m all for it!" -Rah, 30


  7. "We grown."

    “You have to know your woman’s body. Not all women have a flow of blood during their periods. We grown.” -Rob, 25

  8. "Yes we can period sex... her giving me oral sex"

    “I personally think that it’s unpleasant to have sex while a woman is going through her cycle. I’m not a fan of penetrating a woman and knowing her period is on with the possibility of pulling out with blood on my penis. Let’s put it this way: yes, we can have period sex, but my definition would be her giving me oral sex instead while her period is on." -Rashad, 30

  9. "A little uncomfortable"

    “I’m a pleaser in my relationship so if wants to have sex at that time, I would give her what she wants, but would feel a little uncomfortable about the messy part.” -Tony, 43

  10. "I’ve done it and probably would again"

    “I must admit I’m pretty ‘old school’ when it comes to this mostly due to the stigmas within the culture. I will say I've done it and probably would again, but it’s not something I regularly do. The times I have I was in a committed relationship, and we decided that it was ok. I doubt I would cross that line with a woman I wasn’t too serious about.” -Allen, 32

  11. "Super turn off"

    “It's nasty. Stank and everything! Super turn off! And folks who say they do it, nasty as hell!” -Shannon, 26

  12. "We throw the towel down and she get hers"

    “I use to be against it. But, these days when her cycles are not too heavy, and she is extremely horny, we throw the towel down, and she gets hers. I think it comes down to how long you’ve been with the person and how freaky you’re willing to get.” -Cedrick, 23

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