Megan Thee Stallion Decided On Her 40 Inch VMAs Wig 1 Hour Before The Show

Her stylist, Alonzo Arnold reveals what it took to put together the look.

Megan Thee Stallion is Summer 2019's MVP, and not just because she started the #hotgirlsummer movement. It's got a lot to do with her willingness to win, her commitment to finishing college and general f*ck it attitude when it comes to pettiness, gossip and drama. 

Last night the Houston-born and bred emcee took the stage at the VMA's and she did not disappoint, demonstrating her now infamous knee capabilities by twerking in a Louis Vuitton leather swimsuit and fishnet stockings. And her most useful accessory? Well 40 inches of bone straight hair of course that she wanted to be able to "whip over her shoulder at any moment" according to stylist Alonzo Arnold

Alonzo stepped in to do Megan's hair for the VMAs and she changed it up from her weekend light blue wig, where she hilariously posted a video of herself singing Lady Antebellum's country hit "Need You Now", which if you haven't seen, please find it. And after being on a vacation where she let her natural hair fly free

For the awards, she went with a more classic look, going for 40 inches of bone straight hair that was laid perfectly by Alonzo Arnold. We caught up with the influencer-stylist to get the tea on how the wig stayed secured and what it took to get it done. 

BET: The most important part of any wig-install is making sure it stays secured. How do you secure Thee Stallions' wig, especially considering how much she moves around?

Alonzo Arnold: I only use Bold Hold when securing my lace on all my clients. So tonight I definitely used the active hold it down. 

BET: Stylist Kahh Spence recently made a viral video announcing "we can see your lace!!!". What wig mistakes do you think that women are making and how can they correct them?

AA: For me, a lot aren’t tinting the lace or identifying which lace color is proper. I can’t stress this enough and I hope people can get to my classes I have to see how to do this the correct way.

BET: How do you recommend that your clients care for their natural hair, especially if they wish to change it often?

AA: It all depends on what stage their hair is in. I don’t like to put the hair through too much heat on the hair, and I think Suave’s line of Natural Hair products, especially the shampoo and conditioner, are always good for promoting healthy growth.  

BET: How long did it take to come up with the look for Meg for tonight? What is your creative and collaboration process like?

AA: We literally decided probably about an hour and a half before carpet but that’s kinda the celebrity stylist life. We never really know how much time we truly have, but you still have to get the job done at a high level.

BET: As a beauty influencer yourself, how do you manage your own personal brand while serving your celebrity clients?

AA: It isn’t easy, I can tell you that, but I really make the time for myself otherwise it wouldn’t get done. I really say NO to things sometimes because I need the time to develop myself because I am new and feel this is a crucial time to shape what type of artist I am. 

BET: Via social media you seem to be really into the glue-down process. What advice do you have for girls who want to wear glue-less wigs?

AA: Make sure the hairline is very custom to your real hairline. It makes no sense to wear glueless if people will be able to tell it’s a wig in 2 minutes from inspecting it.

BET: What is the most outrageous request that you have ever gotten for a wig?

AA: Really to be honest so many know my work that they haven’t asked me for nothing too out the way. I’m quick to say know if its outlandish!

BET: A few months ago, Meek Mill went viral for criticizing Black women and their wigs. This is a very common conversation. What do you say to people who judge women, Black women in particular, for wearing wigs?

AA: I mean it’s his opinion, but judging people did nothing to advance black women. All we can do is continue to do better and ignore the haters.

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