Blind Fury on Facing Moon, Getting Signed, and the Fun of Battling Blind

The Freestyle Friday finalist spoke to about his electrifying run during the March Mayhem battle tournament. Have any other rappers reached out to you since you began your run?
Blind Fury: I've been talking a lot to Tech N9ne. That's my favorite rapper.
I'm working with Jim Jones and Bun B, possibly on some collaborations. I can't really get into a whole lot of details because I don't want to jinx it. What made you decide to compete on Freestyle Friday?
Blind Fury: Just being pressured and nagged and called day after day about it. Then it was finally like, all right, I'll do the audition. I don't really think I'll make it, but I'll do the audition so ya'll will shut up and leave me alone.
So I went to DC. I had the flu and all that. And I went and really did my thing, surprisingly. What would winning Freestyle Friday’s March Mayhem tournament mean to you?
Blind Fury: It would mean a lot of exposure. It would mean being somewhere where I wasn't last year.

I can't really say that’s the point it I would call it success. I don't think I'll ever really look at myself as successful because then you get too comfortable and you don't work hard. What will it take for you to make the leap from people seeing you as just a battle rapper to an all-around rap artist?
Blind Fury: I think people are already curious and looking at me to see what I'm gonna pull off. So I don't think it's gonna take anything for me to make that big leap. I'm already prepared to make it. My music is gonna speak for itself. Do you want to be signed to a record label?
Blind Fury: I don't really say I would want to get signed. I just want to make good music and take the best deal that's gonna come along. You won your battle with Artisan by singing one of Chris Brown’s songs at the beginning of your verse. What made you think of that?
Blind Fury: I do whatever I feel like is the beat calls for. I can't really say I wake up in the morning and say, "I'm going to sing for this battle." Not even. I just do whatever I feel. In your punch lines and in your name, you've embraced being blind but you also don't let it define you as a rapper. How do you pull off that balancing act?
Blind Fury:  You don't look at yourself as anything but who you are. If you spend a lot of time thinking, "Oh, I'm Blind Fury vs I'm Blind Fury, you really can't do it because you're leaning too one-sided. Do you feel that being blind puts you at a disadvantage in your battles?
Blind Fury: Being blind really isn't a disadvantage. I think it's a little bit more fun because it's a challenge. I have to look at things other than what normal people would, with the physical appearance and the clothes. I really gotta dig deep. How do you know what to touch on in your battles without being able to see your opponent?
Blind Fury: I just listen to them and go off their vibe and what I know about them. I study them when I meet them. I read people really well. You and Moon seem to have mutual respect for each other. What do you think of his run during March Mayhem so far?
Blind Fury: Moon has come really far, and Moon will do a whole lot of big things. I don't think he stands a chance in the finals. But I really enjoyed watching Moon's run. And I really appreciate his craft and what he does. He's dope.

He should really lighten up a little bit as a person. But that's neither here nor there. I see a different side of him than most.

Tune in to the Freestyle Friday March Mayhem finals on Friday, April 8th, at 6PM/5C.

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