The Girl Code – Is It Ever OK to Break It?

Dr. Romance explains situations in which the girl code maybe open to interpretation.

On Episode 304 of Let's Stay Together, Troy and Kita finally came out about their new relationship. Although it was trouble hiding their budding romance, the cute duo decided to go hush-hush because of Troy and Tasha’s history. That got us thinking...even though girl code declares that no girlfriend (or female relative) can date your ex, are there ever exceptions to the rule? #TeamKitaAndTroy is definitely a beautiful thing, so here are the (maybe?) exceptions to the usually stringent don’t-go-near-my-ex rule: 

1. If you are blissfully married. At this point, the only man whose romance life you should be concerned about is your hubby’s. If not, you may have bigger problems than who your girl is dating.

2. If the situation between you and your ex ended on a friendly-please-be-happy-and-i-wish-you-the-best note. If you guys decided to be just friends (and genuinely meant it), chances are the chemistry between you and your ex was never great to begin with.

3. If he was someone you had a blah connection with. Remember that guy you went on three dates with and who loved that (maybe) European soccer team? Yeah, we don’t either. If the dude is someone you saw a couple of times with whom things just fizzled out, be a good friend and give your girlfriend the go-ahead. 

4. If you genuinely don’t care. If this is the case, chances are you’ve moved on 100% and should be cool with your girl seeing how things go with your ex.

5. If you are only a teensy bit jealous. It’s okay (also kind of natural) to be a little envious about your ex being interested in one of your friends. But chances are if you’re not losing sleep over it, he doesn’t mean that much to you. Push your jealous feelings aside and let them be happy!

6. If he turned out to be gay. In this case, you should be hooking him up with all your gay pals. 

(Photo: BET)

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