This Is The Unicorn Of Orgasms You've Probably Never Heard Of

Cervical orgasms are breaking the internet.

While you may already feel like the master of your domain when it comes to pleasing yourself, Refinery 29 threw some serious salt in the game when they published a story about how something called a “cervical orgasm” exists.

Never heard of it? Neither have we! Completely bewildered and honestly confused as to what it really was, we had to do our own research and get to the bottom of what was making women so turned on. We spoke exclusively with professional OB/GYN and author of the book The Complete A to Z for Your V, Dr. Alyssa Dweck, to get an insight on what exactly a “cervical orgasm” is and if it really exists.

Sounds like you can relax, ladies. There is no need to learn new techniques. Just do you, boo boo!

Dr. Dweck did want to remind you that "the most important organ when it comes to orgasms for women is the brain, because no matter what is getting stimulated from a physical standpoint, if your mind and brain are not in the program, it’s not going to happen easily."

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  • The Cervix – what is it?

    “The cervix is the entrance way into the uterus, which is located at the top of the vagina. It is a knot-like, somewhat firm structure. This is also the organ that dilates when someone is in labor and is going to have a baby. The cervix opens up to allow the baby to come out of the uterus and pass through the vagina. It holds everything in place,” shared Dr. Dweck.

  • Cervical Orgasm – Dispelling the Rumors

    “To be frank, it very well could be a whole lot of hoo-ha!"

    We immediately asked the doctor to explain why this new craze may be nothing more than an exaggerated name for an orgasm. We soon learned that it has yet to be statistically or scientifically proven that there are different kinds of orgasms entirely.

    “An orgasm is a complicated thing that typically involves uterus contractions. It logistically involves the release of certain neurotransmitters, chemicals and hormones and obviously certain pleasurable feelings. There is a lot of controversy about the actual anatomic areas that can enlist an orgasm and whether they are all a part of one system or are there really separate places. The clitoris, for sure, is the place where most women achieve orgasms. Many women will have an orgasm as a natural result of stimulation to their cervix, their vagina, their nipples and their clitoris.” 

    From what is being said, we can conclude a cervical orgasm is nothing but a sensationalized way of getting you excited about an orgasm.

  • Last thoughts?

    “What I like to tell people if they say, Oh my god, I’ve had a cervical orgasm,' is that if you’re having an orgasm — good for you!" confesses Dr. Dweck. "It doesn’t really matter how it’s coming and where it’s coming. That’s sort of the bottom line."

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