Tyler Perry's 'Sistas' Episode 2 Was "2" Much Drama

Karen, Andi and Sabrina all sit down at a table for dinner, while Karen and Andi look at Sabrina with a shocked face

Tyler Perry's 'Sistas' Episode 2 Was "2" Much Drama

The lives of Andi, Karen, Dani and Sabrina just got a little more spicy - and it's only the second episode!

PUBLISHED ON : OCTOBER 31, 2019 / 07:37 AM

Written by Soraya Joseph

Last night (October 30), the second episode of Sistas aired, and things got real hot, real quick. The Tyler Perry produced sitcom, that shows the lives of Andi (KJ Smith), Karen (Ebony Obsidian), Dani (Mignon Vin) and Sabrina (Novi Brown), just got a lot more scandalous!

For some of the ladies, their lives turned completely upside down. For others, their luck turned around. 

Check out the recap below:

  1. Andrea aka "Andi"

    Powerful divorce attorney Andi finds out that her latest high-profile client is actually the estranged wife of her boyfriend of six months. When Andi hints to her firm that representing her lover's spouse may pose a possible conflict of business interest, her concerns are swiftly dismissed, and she is placed between a rock and a hard place.

  2. DANI

    Speaking of Andi love triangle, turns out it's actually a love square (or more)! During her shift at the airport, Dani spots Andi's boyfriend at her job- and he's not alone. As a matter of fact, Andi's lover is traveling with a companion who is neither Andi nor his estranged wife. It's safe to say that the plot twist for Andi's storyline has indeed thickened.

    Photo credit: Tyler Perry Studios
  3. KAREN

    After Karen decides to cut ties with her live-in boyfriend following his infidelity, the two continue to co-exist in the same home. During a lonely night in bed, temptation gets the best of Karen, and her ex goes from the couch to the bedroom, and the two share a steamy rendezvous. 

    However, during a trip to the market, Karen runs into a man who she soon warms up too, after giving him the cold shoulder beforehand. Could there be new love in the stars for the hair stylist?


    When bank teller Sabrina finally gives in to the advances of one of her customers, she finds herself on a nice date with her potential suitor. However, Sabrina's overthinking gets the best of her, when a male friend drops in on her and her date dining at a restaurant. Following a kiss that the two men share during a friendly embrace, Sabrina's suspicions of his sexuality grows, and she appears visibly bothered.

    Photo credit: Tyler Perry Studios


Sistas airs every Wednesday at 10pm/9c, only on BET!







Photo cred: Tyler Perry Studios


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