Kim Kardashian Goes Nuclear On Trump And Twitter Is Loving It

Kim Kardashian Goes Nuclear On Trump And Twitter Is Loving It

The reality star just put POTUS on blast.

Published October 1st

Kim Kardashian usually does her absolute best to stay out of politics — especially since two members of her family are avowed Trump supporters — but even the reality superstar couldn't hold her tongue when it came to the president's recent remarks about Puerto Rico.

The social media maven is getting plenty of praise for finally using her voice in the Resistance.

  1. It started when Trump sent tweets instead of aide to the residents of Puerto Rico (who are U.S. citizens, by the way) after the island was ravaged by Hurricane Maria. 

    He didn't stop there, either: after the mayor of San Juan, who has been using a raft and a bullhorn to help find her missing constituents, slammed Trump for refusing to help, POTUS hit right back and said the suffering people of PR want "everything done for them."

    Apparently, that was the final straw for Kim.

  2. For once, Kim caused a tweet storm and it went in her favor. Folks gave the reality star a steady round of applause for speaking up:

Written by BET Staff

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