Mess! Ray J Gets Safaree To Admit He Slept With This ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Co-Star

Mess! Ray J Gets Safaree To Admit He Slept With This ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Co-Star

Adding to the drama: she’s married.

Published August 7, 2018

Things took an unexpected turn for the messier during Monday night's episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood when Safaree Samuels admitted to sleeping with one of his friends' wives who just so happens to also be his co-star.

Safaree unexpectedly spilled the tea when Ray J put his private investigator chops to the test and tricked him into sharing the news.

Eventually, Nicki Minaj's ex admitted that he slept with his friend A1's wife, Lyrica Anderson.

  1. LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 12:  Lyrica Anderson (L) and Floyd Bentley aka A1 attend Ty Dolla $ign in concert at The Novo by Microsoft on April 12, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images)
    (Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images)

    After K. Michelle initially dropped the bomb about the alleged infidelity during the season's premiere episode, A1 was left shaken by the thought that his wife could have slept with another man.

    He even confronted Safaree about it in a parking lot, and though things got a bit out of hand and physical, he never outwardly admitted that they smashed. He did mention, though, "B*****s like me... It is what it is."

    However, after Ray J intervened, speaking with Safaree, alone, at a bar, he tricked him into admitting not only that he hooked up with Anderson, but that he also sent her nude pictures.

    "In order for them to get back on lock, she admitted it," Ray J told Safaree in a lie. 

    "So, she said, me and her..." Safaree responded, to which Ray J added, "You know you smashed. What did you do?"

    Then, his cup runneth over: "I didn't mean for it to happen...," Safaree said.

    Ray J, in an effort to explain his plan, then said, "Why did you do that? I thought you would deny it, deny it and I could clear your name... Lyrica really didn't admit it, but I just needed to know for myself."

    Take a look at the sneaky exchange, below:

  2. Twitter's opinions on this were colorful, to say the least. See what they thought of the infidelity and the way it was relayed, below:

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photos from left: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for BET)


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