Ray J Has A Surprising Reaction To Kanye's MAGA-Antics

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 28:  Singer/television personality Ray J speaks onstage during RollingOut 2018 Ride Conference at Loudermilk Conference Center on September 28, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Ray J Has A Surprising Reaction To Kanye's MAGA-Antics

This should be good.

Published October 29, 2018

Kanye West pissed a bunch of people off (a lot of them his fans) when he met with Donald Trump earlier this month.

  1. His antics during the meeting is what had most angry as he praised 45 in front of him while a bunch of people (mainly white) stood around and smiled. Since then, ‘Ye’s also joined the #Blexit or Black Exit of the Democratic Party movement, further angering longtime supporters.

    Ray J of all people though supports Kanye’s meeting with Donald Trump, claiming that the Black celebrity community has always wanted an opportunity to talk directly with a president in the Oval Office.


    Visiting BBC Radio 1Xtra recently, the Love & Hip Hop star explained why he supports his ex’s now-husband. “[He’s] talking to the president personally. That’s a big move. That’s a big step and I support that.”

    “It is important to have someone in the room talking to the president,” he continued. Umm. Does he remember that Barack Obama was president for eight years? Also, the way he did things in that meeting… ugh. Not going to go there.

    Ima keep it real with you, chief. This ain’t it. Nice try though.


Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images


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