Here’s What The Black Comedian In ‘Loqueesha’ Thinks About Backlash Over The Film

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Here’s What The Black Comedian In ‘Loqueesha’ Thinks About Backlash Over The Film

The movie was criticized for making a mockery of Black women.

Published May 14, 2019

A Black actor from the viral and controversial independent film Loqueesha is speaking out after the movie was dragged all over social media for its portrayal of Black women.

Dwayne Perkins, who plays a friend of the main character, Jeremy Saville, explained why he decided to be a part of the movie — and apologizes to those who were offended by the cringeworthy trailer.

  1. "If anyone is offended, I'm very sorry. I wasn't trying to make anything that's a mockery, and in fact, I don't think the trailer does the movie any justice," he explained on Monday (May 13). "I think myself and the other Black people who worked on it thought we were making a mockery. I think we, and at least for myself, are well versed in our plight and our history and all of that. This is a comedy about a guy who does the wrong thing for the right reasons, and the movie really gets into all of it more than the trailer does. If you don't plan to see the movie, I respect that, but I think you have to withhold judgment until you see the movie, but again, making a mockery wasn't my attention."

  2. If you missed the eye-opening trailer, it portrays Saville, a white man who also directed the film and wrote the script, pretending to be a Black woman for a podcast in order to pay tuition for his son’s private school. In doing so he gains popularity for his outlandish attempt to represent how he thinks Black women carry themselves.

    Many on social media found it so offensive that they assumed the trailer is fake. To that end, the Detroit News reports that the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, whose stamp appears at the outset of the trailer, denied ever screening the film on its platform.

  3. Even the IMDB trivia page clowns the now-disgraced movie.

  4. It’s possible that the Loqueesha trailer is part of a social experiment or an elaborate troll, but given the filmmaker’s prior work, it’s likely a real film that bears many of the tone-deaf stereotypes that are too common in cinema.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Michael Schwartz/WireImage


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