Kenan Thompson Says Kanye West’s Pro-Trump Rant On ‘SNL’ ‘Became Extremely Uncomfortable Extremely Quickly’

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 09: Kenan Thompson attends "The Bloomberg 50" Celebration at The Morgan Library on December 09, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Clint Spaulding/Getty Images for Bloomberg)

Kenan Thompson Says Kanye West’s Pro-Trump Rant On ‘SNL’ ‘Became Extremely Uncomfortable Extremely Quickly’

‘Ye appeared on the weekly program last year.

Published December 20, 2019

Written by Paul Meara

Kanye West made a lot of headlines last year after he reportedly went on an unaired rant about Donald Trump following a performance on Saturday Night Live. Now, we’re learning just how uncomfortable that made people in the building around him feel.

Longtime SNL cast member Kenan Thompson recently sat down with Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning and described what the moment was like.

“Do you recall the Kanye West night?” the actor/comedian was asked. “Thoroughly,” he replied.

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“It’s a moment in the show where it’s like, sometimes they’ll do a last song over the good night credits or whatever,” Thompson continued. “So, you know… U2 did it, McCartney did it, and they actually like go to the other stage and get with they band and do a whole performance. When I saw that he was standing on the regular stage I was like, ‘Oh, he’s just gonna take a moment and have a moment basically.'”

“It became extremely uncomfortable extremely quickly,” he added. “I was also tired as hell, it’s a long day.”

Kanye famously wore a MAGA hat during his performance and later claimed he was “bullied” into not wearing the infamous headwear while backstage at the show. Thompson says that while he felt bad for West, he denied that others verbally abused him over the hat. He also doesn’t quite understand ‘Ye’s love for the president.

“I’m not trying to overly promote somebody that’s getting impeached, but each man’s prerogative I guess,” he said.

Watch the full interview below.

Photo: Clint Spaulding/Getty Images for Bloomberg


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