Usher Sheds Tears in His New 'Crash' Video

"Crash", Usher (2016) (Photo: Vevo)

Usher Sheds Tears in His New 'Crash' Video

The singer tears at our heartstrings once again.

Published June 17, 2016

In a compelling new visual for his new single “Crash,” Usher dances the pain away while getting as emotional as ever.

Much like the singer has consistently done throughout his two-decade long career, Usher delivers R&B in its purest form, proving he still has the pipes — and the dance moves — all these years later. His new video is also reminding fans that he is just as capable of bringing himself to tears as he is tearing at the heartstrings of his audience. 

Usher's new visual is a captivating interpretation of his latest offering, showcasing the singer and an absolutely beautiful woman shedding a tear on a massive screen with several background dancers woven into the mix.

Check out his beautiful and tastefully done video below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Vevo)


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