Rick Ross Owes the IRS, 50 Cent Responds With Pettiness

Rick Ross Owes the IRS, 50 Cent Responds With Pettiness

Fif had this clapback prepped and ready to go.

Published November 8th

50 Cent and Rick Ross have a special kind of relationship. You know, the kind where they just may never, ever like one another.

While these two veteran rappers have gone back and forth for years, Fif recently took advantage of an opportunity to get yet another quick jab in. 

Today (November 8) it was reported that the Boss is in hot water with the IRS, allegedly owing upwards of $5 million in back taxes. While 50 has had his fair share of financial woes this year, when he got wind of the fact that Rozay dug himself into a bit of a hole, he had no choice but to come swiftly with the pettiness. 

On The Shade Room's post highlighting the allegations made against Ross, Fif let everyone know that he's out here smiling at the rapper's misfortune.

"Nah can't be," 50 posted in the comments section. "Oh yes it can, bye bye. LMAO."

He definitely had that reactionary comment, along with the appropriate emojis, prepped and ready to go.

Take a look at 50 Cent aptly throwing Rick Ross some shade in the Instagram post below.

#50Cent stepped into #TheShadeRoom being petty 😩

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Written by KC Orcutt

(Photos from left: Sonia Moskowitz/Getty Images for Kenzo, Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)


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