Unfortunately, the Drama Between Brandy and Monica Continues...

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Unfortunately, the Drama Between Brandy and Monica Continues...

They need a resolution.

PUBLISHED ON : NOVEMBER 29, 2016 / 11:17 AM

Following Brandy’s 2016 Soul Train Awards performance, where the R&B songstress was crowned with the Lady of Soul accolade, a few lyrical adjustments might have unfortunately reboiled some bad blood. 

Swapping the lyrics of her Kanye West-assisted “Talk About Our Love,” Brandy tucked in a few references to Georgia’s R&B vocalizing diva Monica, which may have helped reignite the flames beneath ongoing tension between the two.

“It’s always something, talking ish again,” Brandy sung in the new lyrics. “Then your whole fan base jumps in, and now the whole ‘Gram’s buzzing.”

It’s no secret that she and Monica shared their domination of the R&B scene of the '90s. With reigning hit singles, such as “The Boy Is Mine,” Brandy and Monica found a sisterhood of sorts during those tender career-rising years. However, after a 1998 altercation that would split this sisterhood in half, the two have been back and forth on the outs in the years that followed.

Following Brandy’s performance, many decoded the sketchy lyrical change as a jab at Monica. Not to mention, the verse came just after a few seconds-worth of a snippet from “The Boy Is Mine.”

But the last wind to top the lyrical shade blew shortly after with Brandy’s commemorative Instagram post to the late, great Whitney Houston.

“Everybody wanted what we had/have and I am blessed enough to have been your friend, #FairyGodDaughter and make history with you as my #FairyGodMother,” Brandy penned. Speculation rose that the “Fairy godmother/goddaughter” references were direct shots at a previous interview where Monica called Whitney everyone’s godmother.

“Our bond is unmatched. I love you Nippy. P.S. So many people liked my performance at the #SoulTrainAwards. I think you would have, too.”

Regardless of whether the shade was intentional or not, Monica swiftly set the record straight with a fan who also wasn’t here for the divisive fans trying to stir up controversy between her and Brandy.

“It’s disappointing to leave ICU and come to my page and see the foolishness of the 90s ever so present amongst both groups,” she said. “I will forever respect the legend she is and the history we created.”

She went on to hail Brandy as a “vocal beast” and congratulate her on her moment of shine during the Soul Train Awards.

“This is her moment. She earned and deserves it. No mention or ‘@’ of my name needed!”

Peep the shadiness that started it all below.

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet _____________________________________ Last night, Brandy Norwood was honored with the Lady of Soul award and slayed her performance! She did a melody of hits ranging from "What About Us?" to "I Wanna Be Down" and finally closed with "Talk About Our Love" which features Kanye West. It was an electrifying performance, but what really has people talking is the alleged shade she threw at Monica! _____________________________________ The original lyrics to the first verse of "Talk About Out Love" read, "What ya hear this time/ Go on and speak ya mind/ I know somebody's lying/ It's always something/ Her auntie told your cousin/ Then all/ your homies jumped in/ And now the whole hoods buzzing/ He said, she said/ Don't let it get in ya head/ Baby don't say/ Something that you will regret/ I'm on your team/ It's us against them you'll see/ Hey, we ain't gon stop" _____________________________________ ...however, per last night's performance, Brandy definitely took a page out of the diva handbook and threw some shaaade about her and Monica's petty feud over the last couple of months. During her performance, Brandy changed the above lyrics to: _____________________________________ "What ya hear this time Go on and speak ya mind I know somebody's lying It's always something Talking ish again Then your whole fan base jumps in Now the whole 'Gram's buzzing He said, she said Don't let it get in ya head --- read more at TheShadeRoom.com (link in bio)

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A better perspective of the shade #brandynorwood just threw at @monicabrown ☕

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#Monica speaks on #Brandy beef... she says there isn't one ... at least on her end (view previous article)

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(Photo from left: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Republic Records, Brian Killian/Getty Images)


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