Soulja Boy Is Willing to Squash Beef With Shia LaBeouf — on One Condition

Soulja Boy Is Willing to Squash Beef With Shia LaBeouf — on One Condition

Looks like Soulja's interested in a certain franchise.

Published December 8, 2016

Amid the many Soulja Boy beefs that have suddenly sprung up within the last three months with his industry mates, including names such as Lil Yachty and Quavo, Soulja Boy has chosen to call a truce on one of them. 

In a video obtained by TMZ, Soulja is willing to bury the rap hatchet and even lift the unofficial ban on Shia LaBeouf’s allowance into Atlanta if he helps him cross over onto the big screen. Soulja admits in the video that he believes LaBeouf’s rap skills are pretty decent. But when it comes down to the art and game of a music career, he doesn’t feel LaBeouf has what it takes.

“You was an actor, you was in Transformers, you was in Holes, you was on the Disney Channel,” the “Crank That” rapper said. “You don’t have no business with my name in your mouth.”

He boasts that he has platinum-selling albums and his classic, dance-craze single “Crank That” went RIAA-certified diamond, so LaBeouf’s best bet, Soulja says, is to stick to acting.

After threatening to drop a music career-ending diss track to LaBeouf, Soulja Boy presents a proposition that will settle the rap dust once and for all.

“Shia LaBeouf, you a b**ch!” he says in the video. “Only way I’d give Shia LaBeouf a pass? He gotta put me in the next Transformers movie. Put me in a movie, put me in something, put me in a TV show and you can come to Atlanta. I’ll do a song with you and we can squash the beef.”

LaBeouf’s refusal to take up the offer, however, warrants a continuation of the beef and the previously mentioned diss track that Soulja says will be the official end of the 30-year-old actor.

Welp. What do you say, Shia? Check out Soulja Boy’s not-so-peaceful offer in the video below.  

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images for Fashion Media, Matt Baron/BEI/BEI/Shutterstock)


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