XXXTENTACION Is Somehow Making Jokes About Allegations Of Torturing A Pregnant Woman

XXXTENTACION Is Somehow Making Jokes About Allegations Of Torturing A Pregnant Woman

“I’m gonna f**k y’all little sisters in their throats. I swear to God.”

Published September 12, 2017

19-year-old Florida rapper XXXTENTACION has been dangling from frightening ends of controversy, but none more alarming than reports of the heinous abuse of his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

Her accusations of XXX penetrating her with barbecue pitchfork and threatening to cut her tongue out of her mouth as well as head-butting, punching and stomping on her have raised eyebrows and hell against him from rightfully disturbed hip-hop fans. The allegations come shortly after other legal tie-ups for the 19-year-old related to the incident as well, such as witness tampering and false imprisonment.

XXX hasn’t been too vocal on his side of the story since legal proceedings, however, instead focusing on the release of his official debut album, 17. Now, he’s taken to social media for an impromptu address sharing his opposition of the domestic abuse allegations and controversy swirling around his name.

But his rebuttal is terrifyingly concerning, to say the least.  

  1. XXX begins by taunting disturbed rap fans and everyone else, who he says are 'mad [he’s successful'

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    “Is this making you mad yet?” he teases into the camera. “Are you going to go on Reddit and post really bad things about me? Are you going to make my d**k even harder than it is now?” As if his maniacal change of tone isn’t disturbing enough, he proceeds with a disgusting threat to his opposition as well.  

    “I’m gonna f**k y’all little sisters in their throats,” he says. “I swear to God. I swear to God, everybody that called me a domestic abuser, I’m finna domestically abuse y’all little sister p***y from the back.”

    And that’s not all, as he continues spilling vile statements.

    “No, but on some real s**t, if you don’t like me refer me to your auntie so I can put my d**k in her throat,” he says. “Because if y’all really think I ever gave a f**k about anything y’all be saying, or y’all gonna make me miserable…”

  2. He then goes on to mock the feminist movement…

    #xxxtentacion bout to start supporting the feminist movement

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    “I got one thing I really will say: I think I’m gonna start supporting the feminist movement,” he jeers, followed by a demented cackle. “Hashtag: insensitive.” Flashing his diamond-cut grill in the camera throughout the entire video, XXX ends the clip with, “I got your auntie mortage in my mouth.” But before he closes, he gives another biting statement aimed, this time, at women.

    “If you want your p***y domestically abused, hit my line,” he says. “And with that, XXX out.”

  3. He ends his raving with a message to all those who are bothered, and even reveals that he knows the damage that his video will do as soon as it lands on social media

    #xxxtentacion is dropping his first ever music video today and also says he just wanna b himself.

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    “N****s is gonna be so f**king mad on Instagram and they gonna be talking about me all day tomorrow when I drop this f**king video,” he says. “N****s is gonna be f**king mad because y’all can’t f**king ignore me. You can’t f**king ignore me.”

    Deeming himself a “virgin,” he chalks it all up to one thing: haters.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Larry Marano/REX/Shutterstock)


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