Meet Zonnique: Atlanta's Promising R&B Voice

Meet Zonnique: Atlanta's Promising R&B Voice

BET Digital's PRELUDE presents Zonnique.

Published November 27, 2017

Established as the new “Black Hollywood,” Atlanta and its burgeoning urban culture has levitated a legion of young, Southeastern music talent into mainstream’s millennial epicenter. Home to trap music’s trailblazers like Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy as well as R&B treasures like Usher, Monica and Ciara, singing, songwriting and producing newcomers make the heart of Georgia full.

For Zonnique, who has inherited the musical gifts of her Atlanta hometown and a sound mind for an R&B career from her industry icon parents, T.I. and Tiny, the 21-year-old is walking in her genetic footsteps along the path that the A-Town has paved for her. But she’s doing it her way, on her terms and for her own namesake outside of the family hustle.

“When I became a solo artist, I definitely learned a lot more about myself and what I can do with my voice and how I should sound,” she says of her young adult entrance into the genre. “I actually grew to love my voice.”

It’s a new proclaimed Love Jones, the title of her first solo release: a six-track EP birthing the self-actualizations of a young 20-something. She now gears up for her official debut studio release beneath the Grand Hustle/Pretty Hustle Records umbrella, led by her stepfather and label boss Tip. After matching up her vocals beside fellow millennial favorites like Young Thug on “Nun For Free,” Zonnique continues to strut into the upward spiral of her solo career with absolutely no fear.

She’s taking her career to new industry heights while keeping her family interchangeable with her professional team. But just because she’s keeping it all in the bloodline doesn’t mean she won’t branch out her talents beyond the family tree — nor should anyone expect her to.

“I feel like people always want to bring up that my family and my parents do music and that’s probably why I pursued it or continued to do it,” Zonnique reminds. “That’s not really the case.”

Now that Zonnique is serving true mommy and me goals by jumping on The Great Xscape Tour with Tiny and still prepping the roll out for her own studio release, she’s making more than good on her promise to give this R&B thing her best shot, and selflessly so. She says, “I feel like music is my gift and I just want to share it with the world.”

PRELUDE headed down to the A for a history lesson on the first daughter of the Grand Hustle Family from their eyes, her voice and the makings of a promising R&B starlet destined for self-determining music career success.

Written by Diamond Alexis


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