Diddy's Reaction To Kanye West And Donald Trump's Bromance Is Black Excellence Goals

Diddy's Reaction To Kanye West And Donald Trump's Bromance Is Black Excellence Goals

Puff for president, please.

Published August 2, 2018

If from no one else, we can always count on hip-hop mogul and business magnate Diddy to demonstrate the poise, essence, and even humor of Black excellence in all social circles, including politics.

Therefore, we expected nothing less of his statement when the brotherhood union between Chicago rap icon Kanye West and White House colonist Donald Trump was brought up during his Wednesday night (August 1) appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

  1. Leading up to his thoughts on Trump and Kanye’s bromance, Puff dished on his next major plans in the music industry and Hollywood society

    He said that he’s on a mission to not just expand his platform, but “to become the stage” and “be a platform” for the emerging class of creatives and artistic talents. “I represent Black excellence,” he explained. “And really changing the narrative on what’s reported about us on the news to just things that are more positive and more about our community.”

  2. ‘Are you in any way jealous of Kanye’s relationship with President Trump?’ Kimmel offhandedly asked afterward

    As it did for the audience, Kimmel’s question tickled the Bad Boy Records multimillionaire. “Nah, I’m good,” Diddy said with a laugh. Apparently, Trump previously tried his hand at a vodka liquor line, too, Kimmel added, but it didn’t come close to competing with Diddy’s Ciroc imprint.

  3. As for whether Puff ever considered dabbling in Trump’s territory with a presidential run…

    The 48-year-old would sit that one out. Though America has obviously lowered the bar on presidential quality with its current White House elect, Puff said he doesn’t believe he would be a good president. “I wouldn’t really pass any of the things you have to pass,” he said before interrupting his train of thought with a considerable realization. “But I guess Trump did it.”

    Diddy believes he’s right where he belongs in his astronomical Hollywood career. Besides, he’s not so sure he’d be willing to accept the responsibility for an entire country. But as Kimmel pointed out, “At this point, almost anybody would be doing a better job.”

    Agreed, Jimmy.

    See a clip from Puff’s guest seat on the late-night talk show below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Drew Angerer/Getty Images, Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)


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