Nicki Minaj Airs Cardi B TF Out: 'You Put Your Hands On Certain People, You Gon Die – Period!'

Nicki Minaj Airs Cardi B TF Out: 'You Put Your Hands On Certain People, You Gon Die – Period!'

“You n**gas don’t care until somebody’s dead!”

Published September 10, 2018

Barbs, your queen, Nicki Minajhath spoken, and on none other than, inarguably, the most dangerously anticipated Queen Radio segment for Monday (September 10).

Nicki dove headfirst into the explosive Cardi B controversy, in which the Bronx femcee attempted to fight her during the Harper’s Bazaar ICON Party over the weekend’s New York Fashion Week festivities. Beginning with a soundbite of the Invasion of Privacy rapper discussing children in the midst of social media fights, Nicki gave a mouthful to Cardi, her Bardi Gang fans (who all accused Nicki of speaking ill of Cardi’s newborn daughter, Kulture). But that was only the beginning.

From there, the airwaves detonated after the Queen femcee went off over the allegations and burst into an apoplectic tirade on the controversy, the accusers, and majorly, the Bardi Gang leader herself.

  1. Opening the conversation on the NYFW brawl…

    Nicki said she “cannot believe how humiliating it all felt.” The “Ganja Burns” rapstress said she would never discuss anyone’s child, nor anyone’s parenting. “I am not a clown—that’s clown sh**!” she said. Though she apparently heard (or read, rather) Cardi’s message to her following the altercation, Nicki said that she didn’t feel the need to respond that evening because of her innocence. According to her, Cardi and her team “knew that when that footage came out, [she] was about to look f**king dumb!” considering that Nicki never said anything about Cardi’s child. Or, in Nicki’s words, “because she has built her career off of sympathy and payola!”

  2. Nicki then phoned up a surprise guest: a woman who says Cardi spoke devastatingly on her dead child…

    The woman, whose name is Clarissa, explained that Cardi attacked her in the comments section a while back, taking aim at her child. Of course, the Barbs resurfaced screenshots from the incident:

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    “They don’t know what type of disgusting pig this person is!” Nicki said. The Young Money rapstress also recollected more of her Bronx foe’s sticky situations, such as the controversy surrounding Cardi allegedly calling Black women roaches and monkeys.

    See more of Nicki’s jaw-dropping sentiments for Bardi below…

  3. “Let’s get up a 1-800 number for post-partum depression!”
  4. “You came into my f**king culture! I never had to f**k a DJ to play my songs!”
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  5. “You getting girls beat up because of what your man is doing?!”

    Nicki didn't forget about that alleged strip club incident either, where Cardi allegedly went ballistic on a woman rumored to be sneaking out on the side with her husband, Offset.

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  6. “Real b**ches never do that! You never attack the woman! You take that up with your f**king man!”
  7. And also, a word on the cheering bystanders to the NYFW brawl…

    “You niggas don’t care until somebody’s dead!” Nicki said. “You put your hands on certain people you gon die—period!”

    Yikes—this is getting ugly.


Written by BET Staff

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